Dec 2, 2018
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New York
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Hey guys!
I am currently cooking vegan meals at home to save money. I notice I been over my budget lately. Does anybody have any recommendations on any website for cheaper meals. I'm currently doing meal prepping every three to five days.
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There are some great sites.
you should google "cheap vegan meals".

But here are some of my favorites

There are even some cookbooks on the subject. PETA has one called PETA's College Cookbook

If you like YouTubers, One of my favorites is the Cheap Lazy Vegan.

And not that long ago a lot of the vegan YouTubers had sort of thing going where they set a limit of how little money they could spend on a week's worth of meals. Sweet Potato Soul did a week for less than $30. Not to be outdone, Cheap Lazy Vegan did a week's worth for $20. Once you watch a couple of these YouTube will probably recommend some more. But that should hold you till payday.
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Hmm. I would suggest going down your grocery list and taking note of any items that are more expensive per weight of food.

Chances are good that they are a processed item or it’s out of season for your area.

Have you been a vegetarian for a while, or are you transitioning from a meat based diet?
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