Survey Please help with my research on vegan knowledge and awareness


Jun 4, 2016
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Hi. Hopefully you guys can help me. I know first time posters can often be a pain, but I'd like to stick around. I've been planning (procrastinating) on transitioning to a vegan diet for the last 6 months or so and I'm eating more and more vegan meals all the time, however, I've been cautious because I box and lift weights and didn't want to lose muscle mass, so I've been doing some reading on veganism in the mean time.

I'm also coming to the end of a Sport Science access course at college and I've chosen vegan diets as my research topic. This basically means I need to write an essay and base it around some primary research. My primary research is assessing the knowledge and awareness of healthy vegan diets amongst vegans and relating this to sport in some way. My line of thinking is assessing whether the amount of top level vegan athletes is proportional to the number of vegans in the population and drawing conclusions on whether this is due to dietary knowledge amongst vegans with regards to deficiencies and stuff.

Long story short, if you could fill out a little survey for me, it would be massively appreciated. It's 10 multiple choice questions and it's here;

Hope you can help. Any questions I'll be following this thread and doing some browsing. This isn't a one post hit and run.