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From the on-line review of the vegan "ribs" just above:

The taste is meaty with a subtle smokiness and very little trace of the soy in the ingredients. Without the marinade, there isn’t much flavour, but you wouldn’t eat ribs without marinating them or adding a spice rub.

After all, as we vegans always say – it’s not the meat that tastes good, it’s what you flavour it with!

Hmmm... I dunno about that. Back in my meat-eating days, I did like the taste of meat, although I liked almost every other food too.

I might try these if they become available on this side of the pond and the price comes down from almost 30 (British) pounds per pound!!!! It's interesting that the "bones" are edible too: the texture is merely chewy, and not at all bone-hard. The reviewer wasn't impressed with the palatability of the edible "bones", but at the current price I'd feel obliged to eat EVERYTHING (except maybe the packaging... and I'd probably consider even that for a moment). 🤔
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@shyvas Your post at 2:57 AM today, about 3D-printed meatballs, was interesting:

Would You Eat IKEA's 3D-Printed Vegan Meatballs?

It seems awfully high-tech, though... and SLOW. I'm skeptical that these 3D printers could mass-produce vegan meatballs quickly enough to meet market demand unless a LOT of these machines were working on it. Then again, maybe I misunderstood the article, and this food is intended to eventually be produced by a 3D printer in someone's home- functioning as a kitchen appliance. I grew up watching and enjoying the original "Star Trek", where they had food replicators- but I'm under the impression that it would be more efficient and less costly to make vegan meat analogues the way we do now.
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