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I think the health concern with margarine was always trans fats. And I'm not even sure that was real. but its a moot point now. most margarines don't contain any or just a very small amount. And that is maybe the other issue. If a serving has less than 0.9 g of transfat they let them "round down" to 0. So there is some deception going on there.

But it's not like butter is healthy. An interesting thing that I learned last week is that the same journal that green-lighted meat last week also was responsible for the "butter is back" stuff.

Vegan butter is just "plant fat". and any fat in large enough quantities is bad for you. Its just that animal fats are even worse. For us, for the animals and the planet.

I have some kind of margarine in my frig. I can't remember which kind but i use it in recipes sometimes. Oh, and for making grilled cheese sandwiches.

But that company that is hoping that vegan butter will catch on might have a legal battle on their hands. I think the places that have outlawed using the words meat and milk to describe vegan products will also fight vegan butter.

Isn't margarine pretty unhealthy? I guess I haven't looked into it in years/from a plant-based diet perspective but that's the impression I had. Is that just dairy industry propaganda?

Wikipedia says "regular margarine" contains trace amounts of whey or dairy casein.

It used to contain trans fats, which I believe are pretty much phased out in 2019, except for maybe one brand.

Also the reason margarine would get a plant based or vegan make over is by removing the whey or casein. However Smart Balance Light has been "accidentally vegan" for years and is a dollar or two cheaper than Earth Balance. Good news for bargain shoppers and poor people and those in backward towns, but I don't know if it's as ethically sourced as EB.

Isn't margarine pretty unhealthy? I guess I haven't looked into it in years/from a plant-based diet perspective but that's the impression I had. Is that just dairy industry propaganda?

Wikipedia says "regular margarine" contains trace amounts of whey or dairy casein.

I watch their videos too. And my news feed picks up their stories all the time.

I love all these good Vegan news stories. Although I am beginning to get tired of plant-based burger news. (Next up the Awesome Burger and a Vegan Bacon Cheese Burger.

Oh, I saw a commercial today for plant-based butter. I guess a company bought off some margarine company that wasn't doing to well and they are betting that plant-based butter is going to be the next big thing.

This is a good YouTube channel also for plant based news, I have been watching it for awhile.

Emma JC

You can post any links concerning products or vegan news on this thread.

BTW, should we have a forum dedicated to documentaries?

Hogwood will be available on Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Apple TV starting this Thursday or Friday. ( 6/26/2020)

I've been thinking we should have just one thread dedicated to documentaries here.

So here it is.

I think this news is a good place to start. Forks Over Knives leaves Netflix on Wednesday, July 15.

if you haven't seen it you need to crawl out from under your rock and go check it out. I do realize that some don't have Netflix in which case you can still rent it online or go to the library and check it out. Just google it. or maybe some other forum users can suggest other ways to view it.

Most of us here have seen it. And it would be great if we could get some of our family, friends, and neighbors to watch it. Perhaps this weekend being the last chance to see it on Netflix might be a good motivator. So maybe mention it to them today.

It isn't the best documentary of its kind. If I could only recommend one plant-based food doc this one would not be it. But it was one of the first and I think it's just as good now as it was in 2011.

Not quite related to this thread theme, but i couldn't help sharing this (the interview appeared 4 hrs ago, at ~10+ p.m. Moscow time). It's Neal Barnard talking to Moby! (Aug.14th, 2020). It's obviously a release by PCRM.

Yay!🏎️🏆🎇🎆 It was today, and even our local tv channels couldn't miss this news.
I guess, everyone knows that this incredible personality is vegan, but just in case...
If i understand it correctly, last summer, he opened his own vegan restaurant, and this summer, his dog also became vegan:
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every day due to the vegan revolution we heard about a news which focuses on plants I recently heard about banana fabric and coconut milk cheese
Totally bro! I heard about Pinatex which is probably old now and everyone knows about except me lol and it's made from Pineapple fibres!
Hey this is super cool. How reliable is the content from this site? (sorry, bit of a newbie here in terms of finding the latest vegan news)

I can't answer your question. It would be time consuming to check the site's reviews on line. Moreover, I do not know how to evaluate a site on line. I go throughout the contents, the quality of the articles and make my mind up based on what I find news worthy.

However, I do like the fact that this site collects and diffuses global news.
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You can now buy “real” vegan dairy ice cream made from milk, without any cows harmed.
Food tech startup Perfect Day launched its vegan ice cream online today. It’s unlike any dairy-free ice cream that’s come
before it. The new dairy-free frozen dessert comes in three flavors — Salted Vanilla Fudge, Milky Chocolate, and Vanilla Blackberry Toffee.