Organizing the Pantry


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Feb 24, 2021
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I have not had an organized pantry. I've seen in videos the almost miltary precision of some people's pantries. Mine doesn't look like that.

My pantry has stuff pushed in there with no order. I have pasta, canned goods, baking supplies, sauces, oils, etc., just jammed in there all over the place.

I decided to tackle the problem when I got a free bag of cornmeal in this month's Badger Box. I had to take every single thing out of my pantry looking for baking powder, and then realizing it was expired. The entire contents of my pantry was sitting on the floor, and I realized I had been rebuying food that I already had. I found a couple of Wicked Kitchen meal kits that I had bought several times, and never used. I was pulling stuff, out and saying, "I don't remember buying this". 2 or 3 boxes of spaghetti because I would look, not see it, and then put it on the list.

My refrigerator and freezer are pretty organized because the stuff goes bad, but because the stuff in my pantry was shelf stable, I hadn't really been paying attention to the money I was wasting in my pantry.
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My Dollar Store has little plastic boxes for $1. Some of them even have lids but I tend not to use the lids.

One thing that helps me by having an organize pantry is making my shopping list. In the past I would look in the pantry for the stuff I needed for a recipe, make my list, go to the store, get home and put the stuff away and discover I already had some of those things in the back of the pantry or on another shelf

I have a shelf of canned good. During the Covid I got little worried and over stocked. but I have a plastic box of "tomato related" canned good. The rest of the shelf is divided by the box. To the left is vegetables, to the right is beans. Misc stuff goes in front. Weird stuff in the back

One shelf is mostly just snacks. I have a box on the shelf too. little stuff like granola bars go in the box. Stuff that comes in boxes goes on the left. Stuff that comes in bags goes on the right.

Another shelf is spices, condiments, soy sauce, oil, stuff like that. Again I have a box that contains the most commonly used stuff. Tall stuff goes on the side of the box, Short stuff goes on the side. Back ups go in the back

Another shelf is for "carbs". This shelf has two boxes. . bags of rice and beans go in the boxes. Boxes of pasta and stuff goes to the side. Really tall stuff to in the back.

Bottom shelf has cereal, potatoes, and just sort of misc. stuff.

The Top shelf I can't reach without a step ladder. stuff I don't use that ofter or bulk items. Flour, salt, sugar, etc. Paper products too.

Above the frig (but still reachable without a step ladder)I have the stuff I used to buy in bulk. lots of tall plastic containers (2 for a dollar at the dollar store). Now I just keep the extra stuff. Like when you don't need a pound of beans for a recipe, the extra goes in the container. Beans, rice, flour, etc.
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I try to keep everything visible so I have a few different locations for my dry goods - kitchen on an open shelf (it used to be a TV entertainment table), in my laundry/storage room on Ikea shelves and also in one of the bedrooms on stacked black shelves...

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I have come to the realisation that when I do try and organize it's only because of peer pressure :rofl: When I do I am lost and angry.
I have my spots for things, and while my kitchen is small, I have a nice two sided shelf in the basement I keep overstock.
What I am terribly guilty of is buying condiments. My fridge door is full of condiment bottles, and I also save bottles for my own blends. I know if I use or throw something out I'll just replace it, so there they stay.
I did finally get lots of spice shelves, those I had issue finding when they were all tucked in a cabinet and here and there
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