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Nov 14, 2019
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I’m regretting my climate activism efforts. Maybe a climate Holocaust will be the savior of all earthlings

I am a vegan activist, and have started also being an environmental activist about two months ago.
The main thing I’ve done, is establishing “the green forum” in the my military camp(I’m in Israel, army is mandatory here). It’s goals are convincing the soldiers in my camp that a change is needed, and they can make it. We have not started a thing yet(actually 95% of the work in the green forum is done by me), but now is the time that we start getting our ideas moving. The current projects are
• making posters in the camp(for example, in the mini store I want to put some anti plastic bags and alternatives poster)
• stop providing disposable products to every kitchen in every building of the camp, and encourage a switch to non disposal
• establishing a WhatsApp group for carpools to the camp(in which I will have to send short videos about environmentalism every once and then)
• inviting two lectures
• the thing I’ve been the most enthusiastic about- make changes in the food room to add more vegan food. And also to make a shift from animal stuff to alternative stuff, and making them as accessible as non alternative stuff are(because currently they are hidden I some ‘closet’ and you have to ask the food room people to give them to you), so non vegan will try and be attracted towards plant based diet. I was very upset when I had that meeting with the commander of the food room. In short, I had no one to talk to, and I’m pretty sure I should not open a front with him about it.

Now here is how I started the green forum:
I went to the division commander about a month ago, and told him in that a decisive and big change must be taken in order to save the world(my division commander is very open minded) and I explained why, in the most convincing way, and told him that the thing we do now(which is nothing), is the exact opposite from the goals of our army in terms of the environment(constantly changing stuff on behalf of the environment). He loved the idea. I mean at first he didn’t like the fact that I’m gonna have to nag him(usually I wouldn’t call it nagging at all, it’s just that he is pretty busy due to his rank), but he couldn’t help but realize that I’m right.

So here is the thing, here is why I think I shouldn’t be an environmental activist anymore(and if anything, the only effort one should make is actively avoiding a green lifestyle, in order to help climate change do it’s thing).I suppose I have had this thought for at least one year, in the darkest deepest part of my mind: the world is full with endless suffering. Therefore, It would be better if life didn’t exist on earth at all.
Now two things:
we couldn’t destroy all life on earth even if we tried. We got animals here that can even survive in the outer space for a few years, so it’s off the table.
if humans weren’t on earth, it would be the best thing that could happen. And that’s part of the reason why I want climate change to take over the world(to extinct humans). A new better world will be born from the ashes of the climate apocalypse. A world free from humans(that create the most suffering in earth, so much, sooooo much suffering). and the climate apocalypse might even be worth the suffering it will cause to humans and animals. But if I would be sure that climate change take over will create more suffering than good, I’ll still be a climate activist(even better and more determined than now), and will be free from the dammed tension and stress and all the other bad consequences this skepticism curses me with. so please if you got a good reason to think that climate change apocalypse will create more bad than good, please tell me!

If you think I might be right, listen to this- I really think I should not continue and do the projects although I promised my division commander(which I’m in a pretty close touch with) to do them.
When I realized I might do the wrong thing by being a climate activist, it really damaged my general self confidence. And it keeps harming my self confidence the more I work on the green forum stuff. It’s important to me because the main goal of my life now is make my confidence and self asteem better, and spend time for myself for a change, you know, self care.
But I really feel bad to just stop everything at the face of my division commander. However it puts me in great tension and misery to know that I’m wasting my time on something I’m not sure about, and I really could do a lot of stuff instead. Oh jeez, what should I do?
Of course global warming will cause more harm than good.

Sure less humans would be good. But plants and animals are much more vulnerable than humans. For every human that gets killed by climate change many more animals and plants will perish.
Of course global warming will cause more harm than good.

Sure less humans would be good. But plants and animals are much more vulnerable than humans. For every human that gets killed by climate change many more animals and plants will perish.

I know that animals will die, and that they will be affected first. But it doesn’t really matter who will go extinct first. Please notice that I don’t have value of life anymore. The life in the wild must be too bad to consider them as good, therfore it’s not a big loss if a lot of animals die. I’d consider extinct all life from earth if I could.
And also Remember, the climate apocalypse will be a short era in earth’s history. All the victims now are victims of humans, but the victims of the climate apocalypse will be victims as well. However they will be gone for a good reason for a change.
To start with, you need to take breaks from activism at times, and this is probably such a time. Take a break until both your emotions are steady and your ideas are clearly. I am talking about months or years not a few days so that you become at peace and avoid making mistakes with activism. Or perhaps keep the activism very gentle, non-confrontational for now.

Cut out this disturbing talk that it would be better if there was no life. Plenty of us are enjoying are lives, it isn't for you to say we'd be better off without them. This is also possibly a destructive thought process that might harm you.

As to this idea that a new life reborn from the old destruction would be better, that is a silly idea I think. If people are struggling to survive they will soon forget about ideas like not being racist or sexist and so on.

We've seen what happens when a country, like Syria, collapses? Do you really think something better comes out of that? I doubt it. When is the example of a collapse of a country that was followed by a beautiful rebirth, better than before? I can´t think of any. I can think of plenty of countries that collapsed to some degree in modern history and none of them are among the countries that you would think of as the best today!

We know that climate change makes things worse in this decade and probably century and we can´t project 1,000 years ahead, so just look at the short term.

Also, we are not going to get human extinction from climate change, that is extremely unlikely.

I read back my post and it comes across as a bit preachy and ranty so sorry about that, anyway that´s what I think.

Good luck.
@Ohad - maybe the life of activism is not the best choice for you - I know it is not the best choice for me and so I live my life in such a way that brings joy to myself, my spouse, my family, my friends and others... and in that order

There are some people who thrive on activism and genuinely find joy in it and bring joy to others doing it... that is wonderful and I am grateful for them. I am not that person and suspect that maybe you aren't either. If you have no joy for yourself and it doesn't feel like you are bringing joy to others then why are you doing it? You can lead a life of example instead of activism or a combination of the two to the degree you are comfortable and happy.

There is definitely suffering in the world and you can choose to concentrate on that or you can concentrate on happiness and joy and more of it!

Darkness (suffering) is the absence of light (joy) ..... let's bring more light

Emma JC
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