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Apr 21, 2020
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Missoula, Montana
What I meant to say was, it takes up to an hour after you "opt in" before you can access the forum(s) you opted for.

The thought is that some members don't care for all the off-topic/chit-chat stuff, so this way they don't have to see that when they click "What's new" or similar menu buttons.
That's fine and I'm sure those members are happier now. However lots of other people will never see things that they might have found interesting. Seems like keeping potentially valuable information away from people is not a good trade-off considering anybody who doesn't want to click on a link doesn't have to.

The opt-in option helps for people who are intentionally looking for those forums But not for people who might see something interesting without purposefully looking for it. Not to mention the fact that even if someone clicks on those forums they just get an error message and go backwards and click on another Forum. I'm sure that a lot of people never go to the trouble of figuring out what the problem is, reading the thread, and opting in and then waiting.

I'm surprised that anyone would have a problem with seeing offers for new vegan products or cooking classes or whatever.

rather than hiding all of this valuable information from people who are looking for it you could also just set it up so that people could choose which forums they received new thread links for.

probably the net result of this is that new vegan products and offers will find it harder to get going right? That seems like a bummer.

And really what is gained? A few people will have a few threads removed from their what's new list. So instead of clicking on one out of 20 threads now they'll be able to click on one out of 18 threads. Hmmmm... and if new vegan products or offers or Services have a harder time getting going, how many animals does that hurt?


Jun 2, 2012
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Exactly. There are many threads that don’t interest me. It’s never been an issue. I don’t look at them. Simple. I even block certain threads that might bother me, although recently I’ve been unable to find that option. But whatever, I suppose.

I did find it very curious, hence my “WTH” dude remark. I’m very grateful for the chance to stay in touch with several members that I’ve gotten to know over the years. It’s been 15 years for some. I love having new contacts too. Some really cool people out there. 😎
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