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Jun 4, 2018
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I am 2 days off completing the 30 day vegan challenge. I’m going to carry on being a vegan. However, I have leather goods (shoes, belts, bags etc) and have a kit to make a pair of leather shoes. I am not sure what to do about these things. If I throw them away isn’t that an unsult to the animal? I will never buy leather items again, but don’t want to be ‘wasteful’ of these, and surely giving them away is just passing the buck?
Hello Tublam, and welcome to the forum!

First of all, congrats on your first 30 days!!! How do you feel so far? I hope the transition is going smoothly for you.

As for the leather, I still own my leather boots and jacket from way before I was vegan. I can't speak for everyone, but for me I feel that the animal(s) already gave its life for my boots and jacket. I ride a motorcycle, so I'd have to replace these things, if I was to ditch them. I'll have to replace the boots eventually, anyways, but my jacket could, potentially, last me the rest of my life. I do sort of feel badly wearing it, knowing it was the hide of a living animal, but throwing it away would not help that poor animal either. I'm not apposed to giving it away some day, but only when I can afford an adequate non-animal hide, replacement.

Like yourself, I am committed to not buying any animal products in the future.
Thank you, makes me feel a better it and probably the most sensible way of looking at it too

Actually since my son, vegetarian, came home 2years ago I have eaten less meat, not through being pressured, just because. The journey hasn’t been as bad as I thought, Biscotti spread has helped, as I like all veg and all fruit, eat nuts, beans etc so a wide selection to choose from. Now my son can eat everything I eat, but I can’t eat all that he eats!

I have found it expensive, but now I have most of the basic store cupboard type stuff it should level out. Just got to get to grips with tofu!
I still have leather hiking boots. If I were wealthy I'd give them to a homeless person but since I'm a student I still wear them. I'm outdoors a lot and don't own tons of shoes...I need them.
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Welcome to the site! Good for you for your first 30 days of being vegan!

I think the option of keeping what you already own is completely valid. Also, if you wanted to donate it and could afford to replace the items if needed, that could work too. Whatever you decide to do, you are doing great things by going vegan!
Hello and welcome!

You could donate the leather to charity or just keep them. As long as you don't buy leather in the future I think that would be ok.
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I thin the general 'rule is keep the stuff you already have as it would just be wasteful to throw it away, but as and when it needs replacing, replace it with vegan things.
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