Nov 28, 2016
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Hi folks! As someone who is always on the lookout for new vegan food stuffs I was over the moon to see that a new company has decided to launch in the UK with a new range of plant based meats. They are an Irish company called Moodley Manor and they're going to be at Fat Gay Vegans Christmas Market in London next month. I'm not affiliated with the brand in any shape or form, but I do know that they are trying to get the word out and I'm always happy to share new products that I've tried and loved. They do a very unusual Christmas Roast too, which I tried and loved last year in Ireland. Great for sandwiches the day after :) I'd love to know if there are any other brands with Christmas "meats" out there that I've missed. I'm not a huge fan of nut roasts, but any suggestions welcome!
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Here in the USA we have Tofurkey and Field Roast. Both make roasts. I've had both. Both companies only sell their roasts between October and January - for the holidays. And both products have Holliday or Celebration in their product names.
I'm not sure about Tofurkey but I don't think you'll be able to find Field Roast products so far away. They are pretty much just around the West Coast. Both products are mostly gluten. And both products are a bit too salty. But otherwise taste good and not un-healthy.