vegan meats

  1. Emma JC

    Livekindly News this week

    Lots of great topics this week: Vegan meat is launching in one of the world's top beef-eating countries. A London University has banned beef to combat climate change. Germany is closing its remaining 84 coal plants to reduce its carbon emissions. Chanel debuted a hat made out of vegan pineapple...
  2. Hyphen3473

    Question for all vegans/vegetarians

    So i am not a vegan or vegetarian but i have one question, if a animal were to die by NATURAL causes would you eat that meat then, because i know like everyone become vegan to save animals from slaughter but if an animal died by natural causes no humans involved, would you vegan eat that meat then?
  3. HumanoidTowers

    New Vegan Meats in UK

    Hi folks! As someone who is always on the lookout for new vegan food stuffs I was over the moon to see that a new company has decided to launch in the UK with a new range of plant based meats. They are an Irish company called Moodley Manor and they're going to be at Fat Gay Vegans Christmas...