Mouth on fire!

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Nov 18, 2017
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One of my roommates left behind some random produce, which is nice, when she left to go see her parents.

Me, I have some mild cold symptoms so was looking for sources of vitamin C. One possibility were some smallish round peppers, red in color, which I knew weren't cayenne or chipotle, so I guessed them to be mild to moderate, and if moderate, all the better to clear my sinuses.

Omg! So much heat! I drank two small cups of apple juice thinking sugar would make it go away but no! For like five minutes I had to either drink water or hold it in my mouth before spitting it out. Otherwise when I stopped to blow my nose my eyes watered and the front half of my tongue felt like it was burning.

And I like spicy food!

Good Lord. I'm going to have to pickle these or stick them in oil.
You cannot share an experience like that without telling us what kind of pepper it was! lol...
Was it any of these?:

I'm sorry... The old school way to cure that used to be milk. Not sure if plant milks help :(

I don't know! I am tempted to say that it looks like a scotch bonnet but that probably would have been much worse. I just took a bite. It would have been worse with more of the seeds, the bite was at the bottom.

I probably should have tried chocolate soy milk instead of apple juice. The water helped though lol.