I tried the Impossible Burger... And...


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Nov 20, 2018
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Southern California, USA
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It was actually pretty good!

TLDR: This WFPBV would have it again, in the absence of an actual garden burger (the kind where you can actually see the garden), tofu, or just plain grilled vegetables.

Considering my typical whole-food diet and the fact that I never liked burgers much even when I did eat them as a kid, I think that's saying a lot. It tasted about a good as any burger could be, but somehow minus the "icky-ness" of an actual burger. And no - it didn't "bleed."

Last Xmas I gave my son concert tickets - and the concert was last night (Snarky Puppy - they were awesome!! Check them out!!). It was a 2 hour drive to get there, and Umami Burger was right next door, and the most convenient place to have dinner before the show. Just so happened they serve the Impossible Burger in a variety of forms, so I thought I'd "take one for the team," so to speak - just to say I tried it (and share my opinion/thoughts with you all). Also, my son really wanted to try it (he is a little more flexible in his diet than I am).

I fully expected not to like it, but it was actually pretty good. Not gross at all. It's not something I'd eat every day, or even on any kind of regular basis (looking at the ingredients, it's totally outside of my regular diet), but I felt good about supporting the restaurant for the fact that they had the option. (And the spicy edamame they served was really good, too!) It might be too soon to say how it processes through my system (...), but for now, I'd totally recommend at least trying it, especially if you haven't already, and if there's nothing much else on the menu.

Yay for Vegan Alternatives (even if it is vegan "junk food")! :)
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I've had the Impossible Burger three times. Twice the v1, and one time the v2 (V2 has less salt). They were C+/B-.

But NOW I've had an Impossible Whopper. It cost a buck more than a Whopper. It's been a long time since I had a whopper. The last one i had was actually just after I started my vegan transition. Had a bad craving for a burger. It hadn't reduced the craving and I didn't even like it.
So I am not sure if it tasted better or worse than a whopper. but it was a lot worse than the Impossible Burger I had at the Counter. C-.

Remember a while back I posted an article that someone had thought that Vegan News would eventually become so common it wouldn't be reported. Well, I can't keep up with Alternative Meat News. It seems every single day there is a new article. Mix up in NYC Burger Kings, Impossible Burger shortages being reported, Perdue making alternative meat chicken strips, Tyson with their own line .... And that is just this week.

However, I have just got to report on this. To paraphrase a famous quote, this wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so sad.

So this guy, a second rate televangelist is claiming that the Impossible Burger is heralding the End Times.

The lead of the article is this:
His logic — and I use that word very generously — is that a plant-based alternative to meat is subverting God’s Master Plan to have us eat His other creations. Therefore, if you’re eating these vegetarian patties, you’re actually rejecting God.​

Not only that, "they are part of a satanic plot to change human DNA and "create a race of soulless creatures on this planet.”

I've posted links to some articles below. But I couldn't find a full transcript or a video of him saying this stuff.

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I have had it (v1) a few times, the smell is a bit off-putting. My roomate who has only been vegan for a year and a half likes them and says they taste basically like the real deal, which is also a bit off-putting. I prefer the taste (and smell) of beyond burgers or even gardein ultimate beefless burgers myself. I know there are vegans out there that are against making carnist imitations that are vegan, but the whey I see it is: No matter how creative you want to get when it comes to preparing plants, I am fine with it as long as it doesn't involve harming an animal. Also, makes it so carnists have less of an excuse to go vegan for ethical reasons >:D
Since it's been a couple of weeks, I'm going to retract my rating. Sorry for the TMI, but it honestly messed up my stomach a little. Meaning - I was constipated for a couple of days. SO, I probably would not eat it again. I'm glad I tried it, and I'm glad it's available, but I'll stick to my whole foods, TYVM. :)
I've never had an Impossible Burger, partly because they were tested on animals, and people kept saying they aren't really vegan due to that.

However if they cease to test on animals (maybe they already did) I might try one. I never particularly liked Burger King, but Umami Burger is dope...if I get back to SoCal.

I love the Beyond Burger though as I've said countless times. I couldn't eat it every day but sometimes I really want them.

I don't like Beyond Chicken though. I had it at NARD in Venice Beach two years ago. For vegan chkn I actually prefer the Boca patties. Or a Tofurky roast.
The stuff that makes the Impossible Burger bleed is a GMO soybean. Supposedly to meet FDA approval they needed to test on animals and they tested on 180 rats. There is some controversy about if they really had to test on animals. PETA says they didn't.
But they did. I don't like it either way.

On the other hand, it is incredible how popular the product is. Right now a day doesn't go by without an article about fake meat. A lot of the articles aren't about the IB but IMHO they are all riding on the IB coattails. Beyond never got this much press.

Obviously, Vegans weren't the target audience of the IB. Regular people are buying them. Eventually, the novelty may wear off but even then I think Impossible has changed the landscape of plant-based foods.

Sometime next year I expect some company spokesman will get up and give us some numbers. Maybe cows not slaughtered, or gallons of water saved, or tons of GHG not produced. We may never eat an IB or another IB but I think we can all appreciate the amount of good they seem to be doing.

I honestly didn't know all that stuff about the IB. So, pretty slim chance I'll ever have one again . More like slim to none. I'd have to be pretty hungry. (And I've gone 7 days without anything but water, so yeah - pretty darned hungry, lol)