News I dithered over veganism for years–A message convinced me


Jun 8, 2018
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San Mateo, Ca
I dithered over veganism for years – until a friend’s simple message convinced me

Nice article and a good read but if you just want to know the simple message, (spoiler alert):
“Because I don’t need to eat meat, eggs or dairy,” she told me. “Things don’t have to suffer or die for me to live well.”



Nov 20, 2018
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Southern California, USA
(Haven't read the article yet)... That was essentially what converted me. I was under the impression (for so many years...) that I needed to consume fish and eggs for optimum health. Once I made that realization, I switched overnight.
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Mar 21, 2018
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That's a great example of why we should resist the urge to be combative or self-righteous when others start up their weak arguments against veganism. I had a very similar conversation with a vegan friend..."what about protein? it's natural!" etc etc and she just calmly rebutted everything I had. Then I accused her of pushing her beliefs on me, and she pointed out that I'd brought up the topic :joy: that conversation really stuck with me.

It's tough when someone's being confrontational and ignorant to not match their tone but I think if you can diffuse the emotional element and just communicate the facts it will have more impact on their thinking.
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