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Vegan about things like povver
Being vegan about povver unlocks a greater trustability of the person to hold povver; like a minimal requirement for certain kinds of such. Not only the upholding of such, gaining and application - its not simply a matter of negative energies directed at a person as a result, its also relevant to the strain on the collective involved for things to run smoothly and conflicts not arising. The same go for "deeper than vegan" like vegan is deeper than vegetarian (excepting the seldom situation of not sacrificing overall vegan grovvth to become vegan, doing so sustainably) and like vegan is deeper than fleshdevouring.

A person traumatized by exploitation vvill naturally feel better and safer in an environment of vegans, for the simple reason that such live by a standard of non-exploitation consciously, even vvhere indirectly failing. Healing for PTSD.

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