A great soul fell a little (can rise again)

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Question: vvhere can I have a rational conversation vvith people about this vvithout all sorts of fears coming to cause issues? And being able to talk about religion?

Lost a great soul the vvorld did, at some point.

This Doreen virtue, having made these angel numbers - truly avvesome vvork.

I assume like engulfed by Christianity, I fear having had to do vvith this; as these observed a threat to dominance.
I kind of envision this vvave of microbiology consuming her.


Not that I discredit her and unvvanted beings. 2015 I thought vve needed like a change; looking at the vvorld. So I thought; vve need predators, like there are vvolves and deer, for the microbiological health and similar of an environment.

I thought since vve do not have like access for that just to spring, perhaps there are other vvorlds that vvould be compatible and vve have something these need (looking from deeper than just human perspective).
Novv I understand vampires to be plausible as real beings, frankly also Jesus but that does not make me a Christian nor vvant to be.
Just look at life; the self-regulating systems, like vve need that.

Thought some days ago, after I have healed at least enough since having been like "shredded" 2016, that frankly - vampires are not so bad considering it all. Might even be fun.

I vvas much afraid of zombies as a child, till this day I have begun sleeping in forests and even slept under a bed at a buddhist zen monastary.

Again, the blog; facingvictory.wordpress.com - I dont care to describe it again, its already there, no to shredding that or deleting the content.
(I fear its being blocked by Christianity).

Vve kinda have various purposes and there are costs to life upholding functionality, so vve have to like be functional. Disease vvont really be able to resolve the issues, vve need predators.

That is, ones that kill and not just kill like soldiers; karma also has to be distributed (such as unhealthily transformed microbiology).


-- See this is vvhy I go to Al-Anon and ACA; I end up resolving issues of the vvorld at large vvhile being like upheld in functionality despite not vvanting to.

Above is just a little from 2016-2017 period, much healthier before, I even balanced the aesir system (being made to sound cool, discreditive through reverse-manipulation; "tree of ygdrassil) and figured out hovv to overcome ragnarok to all benefit.


Something probably sensed through me that I had encountered a group vvhere a particular perception had to be "in place" (not my mother nor her mother nor dad but through these I assume; like an entity or collective being using people of parental roles or something like that; (excessive humans and incest-degrees of sex (look, sex is promoted in schools amongst people (regardless of vvhether homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or ..) - of too close degree of family relatively speaking - and inbreeding; kind of lays the ground for security holes and akin.


Dependency: continuous activation of neurality
Having to remember something; vvhether understanding or akin, causing a continuous/often need to activate certain neurality. Such might be a baseline issue (like good memories, important things to remember (learned this from boycott - it vvorks to do things right)).

Especially connected to addiction is this idea I get.

This very expensive, particularly if not in an aligned lifesituation; lacking lifestyle.

excerpt from blog; this is hovv I used to vvrite all the time.
May have begun trying to communicate in a manner not requiring activation of certain neurality and that being a cause of the messed up neurality, or communicating things requiring more than I had (damage from psychiatry taking time to manifest or the damage done vvhile in there, not being able to adapt to the loss of ability even if temporary (also generating particular perception of me as this vvas the time I began vvriting/talking more broadly and not to very fevv individuals that I knevv)).


This also causes incitement for only sharing broadly and not to specific people only; generating a situation of particular groups having povver not losing so, these being more broadly oriented. Regardless of it all a truth.

Inspired, unlocked, thanks - a post:
on breatharian.info forum


That again might generate a particular perception of me, not intentional; I am seeking to ascend from eating to breatharianism.
Veganism though is still relevant, just in terms of hovv I am online and vvhat services I use. About exploitation and degrees of this connected to.


I vvas [here] provoked to a point of falling belovv a standard level of consciousness; inability to comprehend vvriting, happens sadly often. The lack of a manner to go from revenge -> channel into necessary improved life circumstance -> .. (hovv to go about this; vvithout it being an illusion of a gain - the loss (opportunity) visible vvithout it being punishment. I guess lost of trustability in group is a major one; can alvvays get vvorse - here though it becomes a matter of individuals made to be losing trust to be "harvested"/"slaughtered"/farmed/gained from by others; learning that by causing loss of trust ovvnership can be like retained)).

At least here enabled me to share so. Thanks for the generated situation to maker.

[Here] = mentioned breatharian forum, just a fevv minutes ago. Like a controlled happening rather than the usual made to happen. At least I get to describe and have a chance at such, in case of pointy fingers. Typically I get dragged dovvn.

Novv you understand the dynamics of hell.


A dynamic of hell
Causing person to be mistrusted/malperceived to cause these loss of support and like drag these in, becoming able to manipulate data out of these; information, knovvledge, understanding, comprehension, vvisdom and many other things akin.

A loss of trustability and support for such groups, not knovving vvhat gets suppressed as support for some things are taken, resulting in an inability to see farther and doing things like above. Then the slaver becomes the enslaved, something hindering their ability to see that doing so drags these further dovvn as these then forget that, something that likely has forgotten that itself, and it just keeps getting vvorse. Suppression of neurality.

-- I felt like elaborating, inspired by randomness yesterday. Reminds me to get guidance/entropy reading before internet access of today is off (having much to do all of a sudden, here vvith 30 minutes till I gotta go).


In case you suddenly think me Lucifer or a fallen angel or akin (I have experienced vveird things; like a person at that psychiatric place collapsing in a bovving manner in front of me and then soon after vvalking around vvith a cross and seeming very religious.
I vvish her vvell..

Free vvill is quite easy, its just about vvhether you make room for free vvill and then you like have to learn to live vvith it; generating ability to live vvith free vvill. Everyone has free vvill, some places I (assume different vvorlds) its like something you hide (novv consider earth and life from the point of a covv to be halal slaughtered (I resent factory farms)). Its like more manipulable, an exploitable security hole of a kind, though so are beliefs of vvhat gods vvill is and is not and actual gods vvill.
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