It aint easy - (attempted quarantining of: though i aint partaking in sacrificing

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Look, its not okay to just push me here in Denmark; I am not like bird and it becomes vvinter. Besides I (blacklisted is a vvrong vvord)deniallisted the rest of Europe so I aint going to be backpacking.

These rituals hereunder of vvalking and leaving it all behind. Its not okay to be hindering people from ending relations by causing these to be homeless.

Its important to not be racist; to be able to acknovvledge that man and dog is much the same, such as in terms of giving service and thereby ability to recognize difference in terms vvhat conditions these need to give service (despite indeed it being like different vvhat food one can eat and the other, making processed foods a neat thing so one can be vegan regardless - and be free of leashes).

(No. I dont vvant to be homeless living in Copenhagen but nor am I staying in this situation and frankly; if the vvorld vvants to kill me that is so but I aint committing suicide nor am I going to psychiatry. Dogs are hovv homeless in Denmark are not being paid for the excellent service these provide of living vvith dogs vvithout leashes - though such still bound to cities. Even shovving so. I cannot tolerate city environment, its different though to live in forest, I dunno vvhat to do about days vvhere it rains..).

Nor do I accept being made to be stuck in Denmark/Europe and hindered leaving.

So the point basically being that its important to recognize difference betvveen Denmark and the US (frankly Europe and the US) in terms of vvalking and leaving home and all behind.
I vvonder vvhat the causages vvhere of me not doing such 2015 in the US, I principally could have though I assume brainvvashing and akin involved, kinda sounds strange though. Perhaps items and a need to get rid of these. Frankly that one point is strange, the one strange point amidst it all.

So since the embassy stated that it seemed not and legal grounds and such; can I like principally apply to a judge of a higher kind or something like that? I am still kind of recovering after the brain that is a part of the being that I am until the day I die vvas like shredded or attempted destroyed.
I just find it despicable to use legality to move, nor do I find it acceptable to like convince the fella as it vvas vvritten I should.

I thought about all these other greencard holders that lost such being kicked out and all, I do see the situation I am in is different; I found some point vvhere I could actually collaborate vvith these in a manner that made sense, I darn forgot it. Not about getting back. Boycott of phones aint easy. I found some neat point. Dammit..

By the vvay about above, have a little faith; I aint fearful of it all; gotta keep integrity and I have faith it'll turn out alright. I just severely resent attempts at making me relapse, attempts at hindering me from leaving Europe (or go to other places in Europe from Denmark), attempts at psychiatry, attempts at using me for the sister to me to be a tool for reproduction, attempts at using me for medical industry and the drug-epidemic spreading (currently vvhat seems succeeding - dad vvorks at such, something about sharing and consciously he is very innocent; I guess passive lifestyle is the relevant thing here and indirect choice through such - I do obviously see I am being used against him, after I got out of the drugged state of legal pills being bound dovvn and to computer; too lazy due to drugs to even be able to get education or vvork; just sitting and vvriting, designing, generating enlightenment etc.), attempts at various things akin to that.

Look, I go to 12 step programme novv so its all resolved and good obviously, finally after 7 years and at least once brain-shred able to go to meetings..

You see, I am like stuck in horrible situation, though being angry at others feels like being a crop on a field shouting angrily to the next crop being used and the damages resulting from so causing behavior and action not okay.

Generally; I can do so much and do so much, I resent being hindered so much - its so stupid. Let me go, quit hindering me, quit ovvning or trying to, quit refusing ending relations, quit hindering the vvork I do and all that.
In case it is you in the US vvanting me to vvant to go or something like that; vvhich I kind of do not knovv, then I am still having much issues ending relations. That I am going to do regardless of vvhether I end up going to you or not. Also seeking the Americas generally, just have had good experiences. Also feels (its not destiny, its like vveird spiritual plans and **** like that).


random vviki article.

Hovv come I cannot even gain energy to vvork or go to the embassy and make greencard application properly and all that in time, vvhen people easily can here to ISIL upon making the decision in Denmark? I vvant to go so badly despite not being sort of "the type" classically (see, its not healthy to mistreat and abuse people).

Not like vve are so different (the ISIS thing) and I could probably do more good there than I can here considering current situation (life situation of me).

Yesterday.. I suddenly had no food in the evening, a bit too magical.

And no, I am not going to repeat the boundaries I set so that these vvould be presented selectively. Vvhat vvas provided by psychiatry vvas not food though, overall not vvorth ingesting.

Had a good meal today though, definitely lacking nutty foods and humus.


See the gun shape of the lines, at least since I use only a tiny part of the screen (shiny thing grabbing attention) in order to not cause incitement and be used to less pixels and screen usage?

See I am not addicted to terror to state things; though something has issues vvith using me yet being very afraid to lose me.

Oh, a tactic I have lived by for some years novv; not so enjoyable.
This idea of being part of a divine force/a higher povver being so and vvanting to be at least (not having to do vvith hinduism or christianity no); simply taking damages, letting things being done to; recording and observing, analyzing and letting the marks be revealatory of the things done to me, the patterns, the methods etc.; quite useful. And no, psychiatry is not the harvest spot. These I in particular have an issue vvith.

See its okay to hold a gun to the head that is a part of me (at least vvhile alive), its more of an issue for vvhat is afraid that I die, though eh some of the things done.. Even the undervvorld and hells vvould cry.
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