I can also ask for help.. but vvhere?

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So I really vvant to ask for help on a point I just cannot myself and I meet none that can.
Upon not being vvith others akin, some parts and things becomes impossible to process/vvork on - even if periods of aloneness is neat.
Can account for some religious mishaps here and there and luckily means using and enslaving people does not vvork as vvell as vvanted.

1. Does belovv excerpt make me seem insane?
2. Vvhat can I do about it?
3. Vvhat can I do about the affect of excusing and innocensifying psychiatry in hovv these vvere simply unable to comprehend and ..

Look, this aint easy to read, but I vvrite it vvhile I have the chance.
So, somevvhere along this one it gets very complex.
Also at some point going a bit farther than vvhere I can describe it as truth for certain.
At another point affect on me.
This aint easy to describe and I have done so much; its like the same muscle completely overused.. Not good for brain.
Its also pretty simple; I unlocked on a point to be able to describe some things.
I have entirely forgotten vvhat point.
Or I remembered and suddenly I became unable to vvrite the point, happens a bit too often for it to be all natural. And novv I gotta hurry to a different place. Despite it being quite important..
Locked from being able to describe unless I connect to some things causing this to become very harmful for me to describe; the unlockment point that I need to not be unlocked again..
Novv try reading above from the desire to shut me dovvn.
I try to describe the dynamics, the understanding, the comprehension - rather than readers simply believing me. This pointing in direction of unlockment point; as I have learned to /relearned/ to relate to be able to hovv such gets perceived. - Not just describing dynamics etc. Also hovv such gets received. Vvhether the overall can be read or not.
Belovv vvill be very hard to read for some, for others it vvill seem like insanity. I can describe the method: On selective points parts can be understood vvhile on others its hard to or at specific times in specific circumstances become forgotten; generating a perception of the vvritten by the parts remaining. This at times vvhen processed/stored/things like that means that a perception of the vvriter/author is generated over time.
Or making it very complex and hard to comprehend except for readers that live deep enough. Some things only vegetarians can understand, some things you gotta be vegan for. Some things you gotta eat ravv for etc.
Like some things becomes incomprehensible upon taking drugs, very conveniently.
The idea of "Telepathy"
And "Hearing voices"
Intricately strung together, a part of the same issue:
The mind can be trained to put vvords on emotions. Like putting vvords on hovv you feel; done repeatedly.
This in a case of "automation" can generate vvords in the mind to read an emotion, vvithout attempting to consciously.
Hereunder empathic input // sensing others expressions - hormones for short distances, facial expressions the same by visual gathering of data - many of such things combined - and simply energies/spiritual things.
Also like lingual structures and sensing on these the kind of mood/etc. present and hovv this typically shapes in a setting used to, in terms of "hovv the person feels".

So the truth to the idea of telepathy //I fear someone failing as I vvrite this, making a fail-statement in sense of ending up drugged etc.//
One person, generates output from body/spirit/etc. by using vvords in the mind in a particular manner.
This output is then picked up upon by the recipient, vvhom may or may not be generating vvords from such in their mind.
Hovvever it is highly unlikely that such is the same vvords.
Indeed, I did this vvork, much analysis. Not an enjoyable time. Aint doing that again; I am like spent and cannot be recharged.
//Indeed I fear being exploited// ////A truth that I cannot be recharged generally/on most points, overall a truth hovvever if I enter explaining some get good ideas.. I.e. a simple truth. Its not about microbiology, its about vvhether I care to and things like that. Like so demoralized that I vvould not vvant to even try and describe things like that. See, if vvrong one reads this (attempt at gettings things deleted) - besides its already knovvn such vvould demoralize////
I.e. not the same meaning read, I doubt unconsciously/subconsciously either, as sent.
This tells something frightening about communication; the other never quite understands/receives exactly vvhat you send out. And if do, think of it in a different vvay that you can never entirely understand.
A scary part; if such can exist, then principally an infection of a kind can exist
//fear generated; people must be controlled by psychiatry vvith drugs//
I.e. once reading vvords, affect on your mind can literally penetrate and some functions be "taken over"; people can keep attaching more and more vvords to different input.
See this I savv being farmed/began being built in "OPUS" - Ballerup, Denmark: People put in groups sitting "trying to figure out vvhat the "voices" tell you".
The vvording generated from an energetic input of a kind; unlikely to be precise. Refined over time can generate a clearer language. Translation literally a censorship/control barrier also.

Novv this gets conspiracy theoretical. Here I am entirely uncertain as to vvhether such is the case or not:
Repeated brainvvashing and contact to a place .. drugs used as a binding agent to get a person to return to the same source until a "satisfactory" indoctrination/insertion of "triggers" has been built/generated.

-- See above I do not attribute to "the global threat".

Hovvever vvhat if affect from external to this universe, affects us and through some like takes control - like in case vve affect negatively?
Could also just be drughungry beings used as cattle, like "covvs"/pigs/chickens/etc.

-- observe hovv other meanings, metaphorical, are attached to all those animal names? Making it easy to interpret as a metaphor, subconsciously.
Excerpt from https://www.happycow.net/forum/wisdom/its-clear-there-is-a-global-threat/4573

-- I am so lonely you vvould not believe it. I just knovv no place nor have met anyone akin. Online I have seem some that seem similar. I knovv others exist. Others must. Vvithout me having to be shaped, parts cut of and having to fit like that movie and the toes being cut off to fit in shoe. I find many points of similarity vvith many though.. Even these I cannot get to see because of countless restraints and things like that (Oh, I am so very free to vvalk about and can even sleep in forest and am not severely drugged etc.. (forest for microbial healing, its healthy for ya - can process things that cannot be processed vvhile in civilization. Even here I have not really access to forest, real one. Hindered by various things causing me unable to go pretty much anyvvhere in Europe. Things about US and its like goddamn hell. Just something not seeming to vvant me vvell and vvanting to control finances or extract as much from me as vvhatever can. Or just liking keeping me in a horrible situation, damaging everything generally. Also I have simply (its the entire reason and all there is to it, obviously - sarcasm) lost ability over years of being exploited and used. Never learned to do anything. I constantly seek to Venezuela and India on unconscious levels; the tvvo places (and another - carribean) I have been outside Europe/USA)--

Emma JC

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Jun 15, 2017
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"I am so lonely you vvould not believe it."

My heart goes out to you leei. I am not sure that anyone, on a forum like this, is equipped to help you.

You are loved, you are part of the whole. We are more than our physical beings. Be the bright light that you are and if you need help to make it shine then please try to find someone near you that will help you.

Sending you healing light and kind thoughts.

Emma JC


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Jun 5, 2018
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I will put this out there since you have mentioned in the past that you've attended Al-Anon and other 12-Step groups, but I don't know if you still do.

Where is your higher power in this?

I see a lot of self-will in your posts. Remember that happiness is a choice we all have. Rarely are we victims, but quite often we are volunteers. And remember that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

When's the last time you've been to a meeting? Do you have a sponsor? Do you work the steps?

Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over (alcohol, other people, places, things), and our lives have become unmanageable.

I know life's getting pretty dang unmanageable if I start daydreaming and wishing for greener pastures.

I hope you get back to some meetings soon.

I agree with Emma - we are not equipped to help you on this forum. And you ARE loved and a part of the greater whole. You are not alone.

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Thank you both.

One thing I am learning; to stay far avvay from non-spiritual people vvhen it comes to matters of health.

Besides, I am minimalist, vegan, ravv-food only, eco/fairtrade/zerovvaste-focus, drugfree, vvholefood-focus, and many many more points like that.

Thanks for the point on selfvvill; I am kind of blind to that. I go to meetings thanks, doing 90 days 90 meetings.
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