High-protein vegan meals

Krish Jay

Jun 12, 2016
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What are your favourite high protein meals?

I love combining quinoa, buckwheat or rice with things like:
  • lentils
  • chickpeas
  • black beans
  • yellow split peas

I mostly prepare them from packed dry rather than tinned unless I am feeling super lazy... To do this I soak them overnight in water and a bit of apple cider vinegar

(This is key, as soaking lets our body absorb the food better, and prevents the dreaded bloat-syndrome. Even with tinned foods, always rinse well, you notice the bubble form and rinse away - which is what causes bloating)

I absolutely love making different fragrant and spiced dishes

How about you guys?
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I don't go out of my way to eat lots of protein as it is not required. Take a look at this thread: https://veganforum.co.uk/threads/protein-problems.464

We only need 2.5% of our daily caloric intake to be protein (and that is according to the USDA). To put that into perspective, even if we ate nothing but apples all day long we would still meet this quota.

I am also aware of many vegan athletes who are mostly fruitarian. Then again, I concede that body builders will need to eat more protein than 2.5%.
I am more prone towards building muscle while on a vegan diet... so unfortunately I fall into the latter category ;)

Actually I think this is a major reason why a lot (a LOT) of men do not even consider veganism. There is a masculine desire to be strong, and most people see veganism as the opposite to muscle building... which is not true at all
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Derek Tresize book or Robert Cheeke's latest book Shred It.

You can also check out vegan bodybuilders on youtube, they have meals there.
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I am open to all kinds of vegan protein, and do not limit myself to only certain vegan food. These are just some of the foods I eat as a vegan:

all kinds of beans: chickpeas, lentils, split peas, black beans, white beans, navy beans, kidney beans, lima beans, peas...

All varieties of nuts and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, chia, hemp, flax) and nut/seed butters (cashew butter, almond butter, peanut butter, sunflower butter)

broccoli, sweet potatoes, kale, collards, snap peas, spinach...

soy milk, pea milk, hemp milk

vegan protein powders (favorites are anything Vega, Source Naturals Pea protein, Plant Fusion, Manitoba Harvest Hemp protein)

Field Roast products such as vegan sausages or burgers

Beyond Meat products

Tofurky franks on rare occasion

Daiya or Tempt vegan yogurts or Nancy's plain soy yogurt

homemade seitan (made with vital wheat gluten, and I like to add nutritional yeast, tomato paste, liquid smoke, paprika)

tofu, tempeh

nutritional yeast

whole grains (brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, millet, bulgur wheat, buckwheat groats, spelt, couscous, barley, oats, and whole wheat bread too)

Chickpea flour (for omelets or savory muffins with vegetables cooked into them)

A simple peanut butter and banana sandwich will yield about 8 grams of protein for the peanut butter (two tablespoons) and another 8 grams of protein for the two slices of whole wheat bread. Have it with a green salad and a glass of pea milk for another ten grams of protein (8 grams for the pea milk and two for the green salad). That's 26 grams of protein for that meal.

A chickpea flour omelet using 1/2 cup of chickpea flour, 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast, and a cup of chopped spinach folded into it (and add some salsa for a nice flavor) will yield about 22 grams of protein (12 for the chickpea flour, 8 for the two tablespoons of nutritional yeast, and 2 for the spinach).

For dinner, a chopped steamed sweet potato, a cup of steamed broccoli, and a cup of black beans all combined with a splash of almond milk and curry powder will yield about 18 grams of protein (12 for the cup of black beans, 2 for the broccoli, 4 for the sweet potato).

That's about 66 grams of protein for a day, which meets an average person's needs. If you are an athlete, you could add more by adding in a handful of nuts and seeds, or a smoothie, or an energy bar or two (or all of the above).