1. B

    Raw Legume Noob

    So I’m new to cooking raw beans, and I wanna explore new foodie territory, both to save money and transition to zero waste. I’m aware some, if not all, beans need to be soaked and cooked, but searching the internet is has been unreliable to say the least. Can any experienced bean cookers give...
  2. R

    Would it be healthy to just eat organic fruits, vegetables, beans, tofu and rice?

    Hi , I was watching a Freelee video. I remembered a comment that said that Freelee only ate fruit (which isn’t true, if I’m right). I would like to lose some weight. My weakness is chocolate and sweet things. I love chocolate and sweet stuff. Thank you .
  3. Jaydoesitgood

    Im fat, vegan, and i hate beans!

    Ive been vegan for the past maybe 6 months and I was HOPING that I would have lost weight by now. I didnt go vegan for health reasons (though the is definitely a perk) but, you know, I know veganism cuts out a lot of unhealthy animal fats and cholesterol and forces you to eat more veggies so I...
  4. W

    Skins coming off black beans right away

    I put some black beans in water to soak, and the skins started coming off right away. Also many of the beans were splitting. Does this mean the beans are old?
  5. H

    Beans making me feel bad

    Greetings! I am new here, I am new to vegan philosophy, and even in transition. However, having great difficulties in food, especially in the matter of grains. My body does not seem to digest well (no good) any kind of beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, etc. I get upset, because how can I...
  6. D

    TWO cheap/quick/easy burgers! Recipe video

    Hey everyone I knocked up a really quick recipe video for two burgers I LOVE making. They are so good!! Here's the link: Please also check out my other videos I can be found on instagram: @dave_skate.fitnessnutrition
  7. Krish Jay

    High-protein vegan meals

    What are your favourite high protein meals? I love combining quinoa, buckwheat or rice with things like: lentils chickpeas black beans yellow split peas I mostly prepare them from packed dry rather than tinned unless I am feeling super lazy... To do this I soak them overnight in water and a...