Hi, soon-to-be new vegan here!


Oct 14, 2018
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Hello, I'm Beth. I'm a postgraduate student from Sheffield, and I have been a vegetarian since the 23rd of August! However, when researching about vegetarianism, I couldn't ignore the ethical and other reasons to be vegan, so I'd like to give veganism a try! Lately I've been eating/drinking what is left of the non-vegan stuff I have but not buying anymore, and I think I'll start trying to be fully vegan from tomorrow! I thought I'd join a forum as it would be nice to have some kind of support network and I'll probably need some advice at some point. :)
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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your transition!
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Welcome, Beth!

All the best with your new lifestyle.

There is a lot of great information here and a lot of great people to help you!

Emma JC
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Thanks, everyone! Been vegan over five weeks now and it's been great! Tried lots of new foods and I'm enjoying cooking so much more than I did. It's been so easy and feels so natural. :)
Good luck with your journey. I was vegetarian for 29 years before going vegan six months ago. One of the things which delayed my transition was the feeling that it’d be too difficult to get by as a vegan, but I can honestly say it has been a lot easier than I expected. You won’t find it all plain sailing, but it’s very rewarding. I feel mentally and physically so much better for it.