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Dec 1, 2017
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My name is Orla and I come from (guess where?) England. I am 18 years old and have been vegan for one whole week! I have also been vegetarian from July 2015, so it was a long time coming.

I live with my parents and two of my brothers, all of whom are not vegan. This makes it a little difficult when it comes to meal times as my family will all cook and eat together, leaving me to eat on my own, which is a little sad. However, my older brother is vegan, and whenever he comes home from university we enjoy trying new vegan foods.

I'm looking for advice and friends so do ask me any questions you might have!

Orla :)
Hey, you've made the right decision! :)

Also live with a load of meat eaters - I can sympathise as it is sometimes difficult for the other party to really get what constitutes as vegan food sometimes (over the past 3 months I keep getting asked: 'do you still have milk?')

Anyway, good luck with your journey. I won't lie, I experienced a few digestive problems in the first month or so of going vegan from vegetarian, presumably there was some internal adjustments going on, but they did clear up and I now feel better than before.
Agreed, expect to become very intimate with the loo, but it is all good! Your body will finally start to work the way it was meant to. It would not be unusual to have 3 or more daily visits but you will settle into a max of 3 visits per day unless you go "Raw Vegan"
Get some good cookbooks or pick some Youtube recipes and keep it varied, try not to become a weekend vegan and just eat the same thing over and over. The menus are endless and you will discover the joy of ethnic meals, Indian, Middle Eastern, carribean! Hmmm...and try to get use to people asking "What do you eat!"
Heyyy @orlaellen
That is great! You are lucky that you have somebody who is vegan at least. I eat only plant-based food and I don't have any family member or friend who is vegetarian or vegan, yet.

As I travel a lot and cook very little I usually search for quick recipes and eat in restaurants with vegan options! :)
By the way, I think spirulina smoothie is a must for everyday breakfast! It will keep your energy high throughout the whole day ;)

Let us know what's your favorite vegan food so far!