Survey-Beyond Meat-Research Project


Nov 3, 2023
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United States
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Hello everyone! My name is Amira and I was googling and stumbled upon this vegan forum that I didn't even know existed. I am conducting a survey for my research class about Beyond Meat. I would like to hear from people who are familiar with or have eaten Beyond Meat products. Please only participate if you are 18 or older. Your participation is completely voluntary. Your information will be kept anonymous and used for class purposes only. It would be a great help, it's not easy finding people who know about plant-based meat alternatives. Please click here to take my quick survey

Thank you!
sorry, I don't click on random links online... I will tell you that I do not eat it, unless absolutely necessary, as I do not like the smell - there are other better tasting/smelling options out there

Emma JC
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