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Mar 1, 2016
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hi, i am the human, 2 dogs had ducks goats and cows rabbits guinea pigs etc in my time...turned vegetarian a few years ago with my dogs then vegan. took a while to find vegan dogfood. giving up eggs and cream cakes was the hardest the rest not difficult for years meat had been tasteless rubbish. realise had been conned by myth that one had to eat meat to survive healthily. rather concerned that even my ducks refuse to eat obviously hormone pumped fruit and veg in pick your own strawberry fields in the uk that i picked some HUGE dandelion leaves for them as they love those i got off roadsides but much smaller...they ignored the huge ones from the pick your own field and i sadly thought uh oh that stuff growing there has something wrong with it when my ducks won't touch it. anyway taste being important to me i have no urges for any meat since giving it up and my dogs are hyper energetic dogs one even cracks peanut shells off to guzzle peanuts they eat all my left overs except of course not onions poisonous to dogs. was delighted to find veggie pets benevo dogfood for them to replace the fish and rice or potato dogfood they had to eat prior to that. since the wolf parc visited in the pyrenees said they too fed mostly vegetarian standard dog food to the wolves as it reduced aggressivity and provided better nutrition yes well even standard dog food is 75 percent vegetables most dog owners don't realise ther dogs are practically vegetarians anyway nowadays. hi !
thx will do ! yes those ducks i had to keep off my digging plants in garden actvities as they did like to grab worms that i wanted for the composting having had to buy them lol i wasn't into satisfying the greedy for worms ducks excitements ! this s blackie duck totally unafraid of tryng to intimidate her dog whose tail she grabs if the dog goes eating the duck food lol
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