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Aug 8, 2016
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Greetings and salutations all!! I'm the new kid on the block, just joined today on my 48th birthday! I have gone back & forth being vegetarian for a couple years now, but have made the decision to commit 100% today. I want to transition to vegan in the very near future. I have no problem giving up meat at all, it's the eggs, cheese, and half & half in my coffee that I'm working on giving up. My same sex spouse is an omnivore and has no plans to change. I am also very overweight ( doctor says I'm "morbidly obese") and want to start eating healthier. I know I have to use portion control #1 and #2 I need to give up junk food and heavy carbs. But I was wondering if I also need to now start eating low fat?
I'm glad I found this place and hope to meet new people and find support on my new life journey.
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