Finding something to eat with a non-vegan spouse


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Oct 20, 2015
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When we go out for the day a problem is finding lunch for myself and my husband. I usually end up with baked beans on dry toast or a plate of chips. The difficulty is that we don't want to go to some trendy place where we pay a fortune for a panini and come out hungry, they may have soy milk but they're often not that serious about it. There are vegan places but they don't necessarily cater for non-vegans. The sooner it becomes normal for vegan meals to be offered alongside non-vegan ones, the better. All it would take is a little imagination.
Eating out can be difficult at times with non-vegan spouse/family. If there is something others are really craving, I'll make due with what I can find on the menu that is vegan friendly because I don't want anyone to feel like they need to cater to me. Sometimes there isn't much but I make the most of it, keep a smile on my face, and just remember that I can eat later at home. I also love salads so that I've done this long enough that its really become no big deal. I also think that I'm lucky in the fact that my family now eat mostly plant-based. ;)