Figuring out where to start


Aug 1, 2015
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Surrey, UK
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I've long had concerns about animal welfare, and a friend who has recently transitioned to vegan has opened my eyes on dairy farming recently. At present I'm an omnivore. In people's experience is it less brutal to transition to vegetarianism then on to vegan? I don't consume a lot of meat and dairy products but I'm not fooling myself that this won't be challenging.

Welcome to the forums :)

It's great that you're thinking of cutting out the meat of your diet! There's really no need for slaughtering in this day and age.

If you have any questions or need support we're here for you :D
Thank you Damo. It's really helpful to speak to others and hear their stories and experiences. At present I'm playing around with the different milk substitutes and seeing what goes well with porridge, cereal, tea etc. Cheeses are next :) I really welcome your support.
Being aware and then understanding how you can adapt your diet is the best way. I always advise friends to start slowly, because it makes it easier in the long run and less stressful. Also you need to find out what kind of foods your prefer and how they are cooked. Hummus is always a great vegan food that you can eat nearly anytime of the day and these days with varieties like red pepper or onion ones, it is easier to slip it into your diet without thinking.