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Harry French

Oct 5, 2018
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Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Hello everyone
I hope you are all doing well. I recently watched the Drowning in Plastic documentary on the BBC which horrified me ( ). I am doing everything I can to reduce my impact on the planet by not driving, recycling, eating vegan and using eco friendly house cleaning products but I was so shocked to find out in the documentary that each laundry wash cycle produces thousands of micro plastics from synthetic materials that the clothes are made from which eventually finds their way into rivers, seas, oceans etc. So does anyone know a website in the UK that makes Eco Vegan fashion for men? I can find plenty of vegan clothing companies but they use synthetic materials (made from various forms of plastic). I would also like to wear clothes that don't make me look like your typical tree hugger/ hippy
(no offence intended, just not my look). I would really appreciate any idea anyone might have. x
The two main things I look for in clothes is organic NonGMO cotton and ethically produced. I haven't put much effort into avoiding synthetics, but the stuff I buy that are synthetic (shoes, bags, overwear) don't get washed that often.

Being that I live in California, and near San Francisco, I can pretty much stumble upon good clothing options IRL. we have whole stores devoted to it. but mostly you end up looking like a hippie. which in my book is a plus.

there are some places online that I look at first.
ETSY is a online marketplace that has a lot of vegan options. But I'm not sure if they have a UK version.
Amazon has a vegan marketplace.

Also, I know that PETA and the Vegan Society have UK branches. They almost certainly have articles, lists, reviews, etc of popular vegan clothing.

Not necessarily vegan but its still part of our mindset - when buying cotton clothing look for a Fair Trade Sticker.

Oh, and they are not out yet but Reebok is coming out with some cotton+corn shoes.
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