5 Tips to Veganize Your Life (Beyond Food) This Veganuary


Jan 3, 2022
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Bozeman, MT
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When we think about adopting a vegan lifestyle, and even those taking on Veganuary, it is often just diet and food that come to mind. But a vegan lifestyle means more than just consuming an animal product-free diet—vegan values extend to all other purchases you make like fashion and personal care.

Embracing vegan values also means questioning the way you interact with all creatures—even down to being careful not to step on bugs.

This blog points out five not-so-common ways you can "veganize" your lifestyle beyond food. Here is a summary of the tips:

1. Check care labels on clothing and other goods for material content
- non-vegan materials can be sneaky, and some unrecognizable without research. The blog includes a shortlist of common offenders.

2. Shop sustainably, not just vegan
- Just because it is vegan does not make it sustainable. The post lists some more sustainable options for traditionally plastic-based vegan leather, etc.

3. Support brands committed to ethical labor
- Being ethically made primarily refers to the working conditions of the humans involved in the production of products and whether they are receiving a living wage. Learn how to tell if a brand uses ethical labor in the post.

4. Download the “Bunny Free” app
- This is your app for beauty and personal care products. With the option to use a barcode scanner or a search bar, this app quickly lets you know if a brand has been certified cruelty-free by PETA.

5. Watch your step
- How can you further incorporate nonviolence into your lifestyle? From being careful not to step on ants, to letting the spider live and placing them outside, to resisting the urge to scold someone, there are small and mighty ways to embody the vegan value of causing no harm every single day—through Veganuary and beyond.

Check out the blog here for the full five tips.

In what ways do you carry your vegan values into your life besides in your diet?

What do you think is the most overlooked aspect of veganism beyond diet?