1. theveganflair

    Product The Vegan Flair

    Hey everyone! I just launched my t-shirt store! Please check it out!
  2. kika123

    Survey British eco-clothing survey

    Hello, We are a team of five students from the University of Hull, working on a marketing assignment. It would be wonderful if people from Britain who come to this forum answered the questions from our survey. We are essentially trying to develop a new range of eco-clothes and want to learn...
  3. Poppy90

    Misc New vegan blog - fashion, beauty, gifts etc

    Hi fellow vegans! I've started up a new blog called All Things Vegan, which is for UK based vegans. I WOULD LOVE YOUR SUPPORT! I just launched my facebook page and my friends and family (as lovely as they are) are not so into the vegan it's looking a bit sad with 2 likes. If you...
  4. H

    Eco vegan mens clothing/ fashion

    Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well. I recently watched the Drowning in Plastic documentary on the BBC which horrified me ( ). I am doing everything I can to reduce my impact on the planet by not driving, recycling, eating vegan and using eco...
  5. H

    World vegan/vegetarian day shirts !!

    Hello guys, I have some shirts I think you would love I wanted to share this with you.. Be kind to every kind … GO VEGAN :
  6. V

    New vegan clothing line

    Hey guys, my first post up here! Have used this many times to try find some Vegan- Theme clothes, and i found it frustratingly difficult. Yet, yesterday I stumbled across this new website ; veganverdictco , I thinkLooks pretty sweet, three tees ordered! Just thought to share it for y'all!
  7. K

    Handbag/shoulder bag

    I am hoping to buy my Vegan girlfriend a shoulder bag or handbag for her birthday. Ideally I am looking for something that is big enough to fit a medium sized laptop, and that is quite fancy. Could anybody recommend any vegan brands? I'm hoping to spend up to £70 so please take this in to...
  8. V

    Product I am thinking of getting one

    Hey Vegans! Wanted to get your thoughts! What do you think of this T-shirt?...I love it, I am thinking of getting one! Click here for link Supporting the cause. Love to hear your thoughts? and If you wear and like Vegan fashion? Love xxx
  9. J

    Please help, much appreciated

    My dilema is the following I am really into fashion and ive really been liking a brand named offwhite. The point being that this brand made a collab with nike 10 shoes to be specific and now maybe some more variations during the year. Offwhite being a italian designer brand inclines onto leather...
  10. earthling_gh

    Greetings from earthling ( indian in china )

    would like to connect with business into import, export of food or NON food to promote veganism along with other goodies like organic, non GMO, eco friendly, natural, raw, probiotic, health, wellness, etc for common people, not luxury. metta ( peace, light, joy, health) for all
  11. MadamSarcastra

    Animal Rights High Fashion Going Fur-Free

    The Tide Is Turning: Fashion Icon Michael Kors Goes Fur-Free
  12. carol94

    Survey Hello everyone!

    So I've been a vegetarian for the past 8 years, and I have been slowly transitioning to veganism for the last 2 months, which is going quite well. The reason I have decided to join so late after becoming a vegetarian is because I am very interested animal rights and am constantly looking for...
  13. cessalmi

    Product Everyday watch

    Hello, I thought to share with you this elegant watch always cruelty-free, suitable for versatile everyday wear. More pictures and details at I hope you'll like it!
  14. T

    Product Vegan fashion - feedback needed

    Hi guys, About a year ago I decided I’d had enough of shopping from fashion brands that don’t share my vegan life outlook. But on the other hand, it was too time-consuming to search the net for everyday items from vegan-only brands or to sift through so-called vegan-friendly sites, and so on...
  15. H

    Fur coats from grandma?

    Unfortunately, my grandma was very into animals as fashion. Now that she has passed, it goes to me. I can't return it. They are very expensive. As a vegan, would it be hypocritical of me to use them until they can't be used anymore? Please share any thoughts you have, don't hold back. All...
  16. A

    Product LOOK AT THIS! The First belt made by RECYCLED CORK!

    Hey guys look at what I've found! A real belt made by RECYCLED CORK!! It's just for 25$ and it's FREE shipping worldwide! I found it on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website and IT'S FOR ONLY 30 DAYS...SO HURRY UP GO FUND THEM! I have immediately bought 2 cork belts! Here's the link...
  17. Sofia

    Survey Vegan Fashion Survey

    Hello beautiful vegan community! My name is Sofia and I am a fashion design student from Vancouver working on my graduation collection based on vegan and organic clothing. Now I really need your help! I am making a market research at the moment and I made a survey that will help me in making my...