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Mar 9, 2019
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We are a team of five students from the University of Hull, working on a marketing assignment.

It would be wonderful if people from Britain who come to this forum answered the questions from our survey.

We are essentially trying to develop a new range of eco-clothes and want to learn more about vegan clothing preferences, attitudes toward fashion, and viewpoints regarding online shopping and fashion.

This link will take you to the survey

Hopefully, together we can make something impactful.

Many thanks
ok, so I want to do this post all over again because I clearly have done it wrong.

So, hi everyone!

My nickname is Kika123 and I'm a student from the UK.

I introduced myself in greater detail in the second post in the introduction section, so if you are curious then I encourage you to go there and check it out.

But for those of you who opened this thread because you were interested in the survey, I first want to thank you and second I want to give you some background information to show you that this survey is actually not that scary or demanding to complete as it first may seem. So let us dive in.

The why?

Let me ask you this. Do you remember the last time you had a great idea? You probably worked on it for hours, days, or even weeks and hoped that once you finished it, everyone else would love it as much as you did. And what happened then? I had many of these moments in my life where I stopped working on a project or ended up with a product that nobody appreciated. If you can't relate to this, that's awesome, I'm very happy for you. But if you know what I'm talking about then you know the frustration of investing your time and effort into a project and not getting a reward from it. You may have even dropped some of the things you used to enjoy some years ago as a result. But maybe unnecessarily. Maybe all you needed was a different approach. Like me. I'm trying a different approach now which is basically asking the right people (not a lot of people) about some of the things I could be doing to help them solve their problem related to an area that I'm interested in. Sounds simple. But does it really work? That' what I'm trying to find out.

The what?

I'm doing this survey for my marketing module called "integrated communications and branding" and it was set by a local company specializing in animal-free and sustainable clothing. The aim of my task is to develop a new range of clothes that meet those determinants.

It also happens that I'm a vegan, so I take extra pleasure in doing this task.

So, these are the technical things that you need to know.

The how?

Things to bear in mind are: you don't need to write perfect narratives. You don't need to use proper grammar. The point is not to sound academic when answering the survey questions. All you need to do is feel comfortable and be you. Some people find that unleashing everything onto a page helps, others prefer to carefully construct the entire piece. Do whatever works for you :) It is really about fun, comfort, creativity, and honesty.

[link] explore the survey

The who?

*Ideally, you would be interested in or concerned about fashion (don't need to be an expert, just enjoy clothes and/or accessories)
*between 25-45 years of age
*live in Britain (it would be lovely to hear from all of you guys but then I wouldn't be true to my project brief. So fill it out only if you live in the UK)

And with that said, why don't you now grab a cup of coffee, lean back in your chair, open that survey, take a deep and happy breath, and let your personality shine through your answers?

[link] start the survey now

Hopefully, I have covered all that you needed to know to complete this survey, and you are now able to see that it's not actually that big of a job. Should you have any questions or just want to talk, then drop me a message.

Have a wonderful day!

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