Does anyone use moringa?


Aug 17, 2017
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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, well I'm new to forums in general lol.

I have recently been looking in to superfoods and have noticed online how much people are talking about Moringa. Once i started reading into how good it is, i was surprised i hadn't heard more about it. I looked on eBay and saw the prices people were charging which seemed fair for the benefits.

Anyway, as my knowledge base improved i took the plunge and imported a load of powder, leaves and seeds to repackage and begin selling in smaller amounts online and to friends and family.

My main reason for posting in this forum is to conduct some kind of market research (which maybe i should have done first lol) to find out more from people that are using it?

If anyone has anything they would like to share about Moringa please post.