News Did you receive support from your family when becoming vegan?


Mar 9, 2016
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I recently made a poll for Vegans on how they got family and friend support.

I would like to know your opinions? Did your family and friends support you?
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Apparently the forum doesn't allow me to post links because I'm new.

Delete the spaces: https ://q.votechimp. com/Mfr1Ju
Ulf Kuhn - I came across these high paying Market Research companies like Saybucks, iPoll, Toluna, etc. How does it work? - Quora
"I can just answer for Votechimp : Here you answer entertaining questions about yourself and we create a personality profile of you. You can compare your own values, habits and dreams in life with those of other players. Basically we ask you questions and you can see how your answers are different and what makes you unique. It's a game. The data we collect we anonymize and use for market research.

You seem to be busy asking about your poll on forums, but only on Veggie Boards Thinking seriously about becoming vegan - VeggieBoards do you ask about being a vegan. Do you seriously want to become a vegan or is it something for Votechimp? (Market Research Through Online Surveys )
"We can reach your targeted audience
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Also a little typo, "Votechimp Inc. is committed to keep all your data save." Privacy Policy or is it a Fruedian slip? :)
Mmm ...
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Sorry for not following the forum rules by posting a link. It won't happen again.

I made this poll and I wanted to verify if this type of data is interesting to people before spending more time and money on it.
Yes, Votechimp is my little project and I want to build and blog about studies in fields I'm passionated about. I'm a Vegan. So I thought it's a good idea to start with it. If I wouldn't get any answers, I would know that people are not interested in polls for Vegans.
Is Vote Chimp Survey Monkey's evil twin? haha.

What usually happens is that if a link from a newbie is decided as OK, a moderator will add it back in. It's rude to presume otherwise.

Good luck on your new website regardless.
Hello @Ulf_Kuhn ,

when I go to the link you have shared, I only find a single chart with results from some people voting whether their families supported it. If you have a link for a questionnaire that you want us to fill out, then please mail it and also let us know what is the purpose of the analysis :)

Best regards.
If you are a vegan Ulf, why did you post "Thinking seriously about becoming vegan" ? at
Thinking seriously about becoming vegan - VeggieBoards
Which "people" did you mean with "If I wouldn't get any answers, I would know that people are not interested in polls for Vegans." ? Companies? (companies are people too according to the Supreme Court), PR people ?
"Get your money back if not 100% satisfied." So there's money involved?
Why Votechimp? Who is the chimp here? The people answering your polls maybe.