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Jul 2, 2017
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Hi, how are you all?
My name is Victoria Salter. I am known as Rory, this is what I would like to be called.
Anyhow, I first went vegetarian when I was about 14. This wasn't down to not liking meat, I used to really enjoy meat. However, it was down to the animal rights side of things.
I started getting into vegan food when I was about 19 or 20 (I am 21 now, I will be 22 soon). I went (almost) fully vegan last year (I think). However, there is one thing that I do still eat that has dairy; Cheesestrings. Cheesestrings were one of my childhood foods. I felt unable to give them up for sentimental reasons. I have been subject to some opposition by certain because of this, not by other vegans, but by omnivores.
In a way, I would like to give up Cheesestrings, but I am also kind of attached sentimentally to them, perhaps. Do any of you know of a vegan alternative to Cheesestrings? Please note that I am after an alternative to Cheesestrings specifically, so please don't suggest different alternatives to cheese in general. Can anyone offer any kind words of advice?
Please don't be judgemental or mean. Be nice. I will report any mean or judgemental answers.
P.S I eat Violife vegan cheese.
Ah Cheese! That was probably the hardest thing for me to give up. I love string cheese but I no longer eat cheese of any kind and the alternatives are just not worth getting used to. I know of no vegan alternative to string cheese. If one exists and doesn't taste like plastic soaked in old shoes, I'd also love to hear about it. Good luck and welcome Rory. I think you'll find the people here are pretty nice. :)