Can a Vegan Diet Help to decrease an insatiable appetite?


Oct 9, 2023
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Hanceville, AL
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I am over 120 pounds overweight, but I exercise I do water aerobics four times a week, so I have filled out that part of the equation lol. All I need now is to go on the right diet that will quell. my insatiable appetite. I eat everything in sight so much it’s not even funny. I don’t know if it’s physical hunger Psychological, hunger, emotional, hunger, or what kind of hunger it may be I don’t know, but it’s getting on my last nerve. I’m thinking about going on Wegovy, but there’s been a lot of bad things said about those medication’s. Help.
Two things.
First off, it's not well known but almost all cravings are psychological. the only one that is not is thirst.
You probably know this already but cravings/ hunger are best ignored.
If you go on a diet, and keep to a professionally made meal plan you can just ignore all cravings. Sticking to the meal plan will ensure that you don't do your body any harm.

The other thing is that if you go vegan/plant based, you will find that it's almost impossible to find plant based convenience food. So you almost have to go home to eat. That is good on a couple of different levels. first off it helps to keep you on your meal plan. Also eating out is not only expensive but they usually give you too much. Also convienence food is usually pretty unhealthy.

Sticking to your meal plan and ignoring cravings requires will power. Something you already know. But maybe a vegan mind set can help you there. By staying plant based - it's not just for your own health, but you are saving animal lives and helping save the planet, too. Added motivation.
Oh, if you are interested in the subject of cravings, you might get another book while you are at the library.
I wish I knew of one off hand to recommend to you but you can probably find a good one just by browsing the shelf. I think the 610s are a good place to start.

or maybe google or amazon. There seems to be a glut of them.

The Hungry Brain got some good reviews. But check the library shelf before buying a book.
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