Blowing after 1 and 1/2 year on vegan diet


Feb 1, 2017
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Hi, i have a question. I have been vegan for 1 and half year but recently after eating i feel always blow and i have a issue with meteorism which is not very pleasant. Please help me what im doing wrong. I love this lifestyle, its my life i cant imagine that im eating something diferent. I eat very healthy too. It is true that i love beans which can make blowing but previously i have no problem with that. Whats wrong now ? I eat mainly whole food, nothing processed. Thanks for help
Welcome tenebris. Well, I'm not great on nutrition, but I know my digestion can be affected by worry and stuff like that, so maybe you have something going on that is worrying you. Other than that, I find just staying off beans and stuff for a couple of days can help. Just have fresh vegetables, roasted or in a stew and not have anything that takes much digestion, so it is easy on your system. Brown rice is nice by itself or in soup. Just for a couple of days to give your body a rest. :)
I agree with Sally, We are born with only so many enzymes in our system. All of the nasty chemicals in our environment, kill off many, leaving us with few. We can help ourselves by juicing vegetables such as leafy greens, and carrots. There are over 600 beneficial chemical processes in fresh, organic juice, such as carrots and apples juiced together. Enzymes such as L-Amino acid oxidase, Peroxidase, Amylase, so many more. Look up those three and you will get the idea. We, of course, need fiber in order for our digestive system to work. We also need enzymes, and, the 600 or so enzymes we get when we juice, we mega-dose ourselves, and, we are unable to purchase over the counter. So, we eat fiber rich foods, and we juice as well. That way we get the extra nutrition. It is very important that we wash the fruits and vegetables very well, especially the leafy greens and carrots, and that they be organic. Some of the top cancer treatment centers around the world, the patients consume 20 to 30 pounds of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables daily, in the form of juices. Replenishing the body with enzymes and protecting the cells with the antioxidants. If you must use a juicer, please place the juicer in your sink while juicing. The nickel in the stainless steel of the sink, will protect your abdomen from the non-ionizing radiation produced by the juicer, which is bad news. Best to have a healthy friend juice for you. The important thing is to drink the juice immediately, as the enzymes die off quickly from exposure to oxygen. You may want to try and consume, easy to digest foods such as, cooked squash and potatoes. Any gassy foods such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower should be avoided. Please read up on beans lectins agglutinins
No ionising radiation produced by the juicer??... If it's non ionising it can't cause cell damage, and what non ionising radiation is produced by a juicer anyway....please explain because I'm dying to know why you suggest placing the juicer in the sink.
I suggest cut out the beans, and I personally have also noticed a correlation recently with when I eat large amounts of processed soy foods. Apart from that, I can't help, but I suspect these things either go away with time or can be beaten with enough time and research and effort, hope I'm right. Good luck. Sorry my advice wasn't the best today but though it worth mentioning.