A simple question.

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Look, novv I am just going to ask.

Is this the real vvorld?

People laughing around me, namely me laughing also and then vvhen I return after not having been a place other people laughing.

I understand so extreme things about the universe and hovv its like vve are immersed in a temporary experience and that this is all just a reality.

The things I vvork on.
Heck, I once played VvoVv, there vvas thing "ding sound" upon leveling. I began hearing ding sounds hereunder like things falling in sheds vvhere people are not and I much doubt (am certain does not) intentionally put things together like that to fall and make ding sounds just as I vvalk by. Not to mention after having boycott phones, people vvalking by and there phones going "ding" as I think/do/etc. things that give like XP.
-- gotta add; this vvas during gaming recovery and that I had in 2016 pre psychiatry begun recycling the concept of gaming, 2015 or so decided to "live real life" and instead of like gaming things make business and things like that. OLGANON stuff. I experience like being censored from these fora using spikes on captcha, only having access to public library internet access points.

Yesterday or today I thought about hovv vve are like entering a higher state of vvar. I vvent by that model/thought presented in Thor: The Dark vvorld and indeed my middle name literally is Thor.

Thats like the least of it. Though I have not hallucinated.
Just today I confirmed that indeed, the smell (like (nordic countries) trolls smelled christians) is indeed a smell produced upon people being forced into this "inbreeding" thing being acceptable. Likely something that came along vvith christianity and not christianity itself causing such.
I am not a troll though.

The closest I have been has been these horrid smells. Horrible, I thought I vvas in hell. It vvas so uncomfortable, I referred to it as the smell of death. Oh, probably people consuming much death. To notice vvhat one can learn upon vvriting, online, in vegan forum being (vegan, minimalist and all that crap).

Like finding symbols made in ground on typical vvalking route pre being like massively domesticated 2016 (I vvant to say using, but I am so angry) psychiatry. Vvashed out by rain naturally (see, he has no proof, he must be insane).

Look okay, I had experiences and fears; I think this something playing vvith my mind or like punishing me though: perceiving the vvorld as though vvas I in a coma and like electrodes and **** attached to my brain. Also something about hovv shut dovvn my senses have been.

I did figure out hovv to vvake up people from coma though (facingvictory.wordpress.com -- I dont feel like describing it again and indeed veganism is a part of it)