20lbs down while eating a TON: How I kept the weight off for 2years with NO DIETING whatsoever!


Feb 4, 2017
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  1. Vegan
I can't help but share this with you, I only wish I found out the secret sauce to be thin without dieting when I was in the darkest years of my life, binging, hating my body (even though it was my early 20s and it was supposed to be the happier time of my life). I now eat as much as I want of all my favorite yummy recipes (that I make from scratch with whole foods mainly plant-based and ton of flavory added on it) while having as many servings or meals a day as I wish. The biggest mistake I used to make is NOT EATING ENOUGH which led to the bad food choices, the obsession about the next meal and "what I can/should have". Now I feel incredible both inside and outside and am never hungry for more than the 5 to 10 minutes it takes me to grab or cook a yummy meal/snack.

Bottom line: I FEEL great!

I am curious: Have you thought about plant-based abundance solution? When do you think about weight loss the most? What's so hard about it? Which parts? Why?

Wishing you all health and feeling good in the long-term!