1. Forest Nymph

    It's Okay to Not Be Okay

    I really love Hope Kale Pesto hummus, with their vegan Buffalo Bleu cheez a close second ...I buy their hummus more than any brand except for the local co op - and one day I actually was having a bad day and I noticed the inner seal says "it's okay to not be okay" which was nice, I guess I had...
  2. Second Summer

    US To impeach or not to impeach?

    If I understand correctly, an increasing number of elected representatives in the Democratic Party are in favour of impeaching the president. Is this a good idea? What if the impeachment doesn't get anywhere - which seems like a distinct possibility with a Republicans controlled Senate, which...
  3. Second Summer

    U.S. about to attack Iran

    The writing is on the wall: Now that there are no longer any grown-ups left in the U.S. administration, and they've been replaced by people like Mike Pompeo (who thinks Trump was raised to the presidency by God to protect Israel) and neo-con John Bolton, the stage is set for a confrontation with...
  4. Amy SF

    Roger Stone arrested by the FBI
  5. Mischief

    US The Unravelling of the American Presidency

    Elsewhere, it was implied that, with the Democrats taking a majority in the House of Representatives, the worst of the trump presidency is behind us. I think the contrary is true, for a number of reasons. This thread is intended for discussion of the ways, large and small, in which this...
  6. Second Summer

    US Trump - favourite facepalm moments

    This is a thread to share the your "favourite" statements and actions of the Trump presidency.
  7. Second Summer

    US U. S. mid-term elections 2018: predictions, speculations, discussions

    Mid-term elections are coming up on November 6. Will the Democrats pull themselves together and at least take the House of Representatives? Has the Kavanaugh nomination process ended up galvanizing support for the Republicans? Or is there a larger effect in bringing out people to vote against...
  8. Second Summer

    US Bowe Bergdahl - traitor or victim?

    More: Bowe Bergdahl Avoids Prison for Desertion; Trump Calls Sentence a ‘Disgrace’ (3. November 2017) The so-called president Trump said of the sentencing: "The decision on Sergeant Bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our Country and to our Military." Last year, during his campaign he...
  9. Second Summer

    Trumpism discussion

    Welcome to the highbrow discussion about Trumpism, i.e. a discussion that isn't about mocking and making fun of Trump or his supporters, or about anti-Trump activism, but rather, in an as objective and detached way as possible investigates topics such as e.g. the reasons behind his popular...
  10. MadamSarcastra


    I figured we could use this thread sooner rather than later. This is the place to vent ALL of your "Trumped-up" aggression. Let this thread be the grumbling, screaming, stinking, steaming land-fill for all things Trump-related. We can experience all the stages of grief here... together. So...
  11. MadamSarcastra

    Inishturk Offers Asylum For Americans Fleeing Trump

    This Irish Island Is Welcoming Americans Fleeing Donald Trump :woo: I WANT IN!! Take me, pleeeease!! :cry: "Make Inishturk Great Again" Ohhh, it's beautiful!! :smitten:
  12. W

    'I'm a vegan, therefore I know karate'

    Political satire at it's best. Apologies to fans of Trump, but I hope you will find this segment nonetheless funny. Oh and - yeah - there are plenty of karate-chopping vegans as well! Trump: 'I'm self-funding my campaign; I tell the truth.' John Oliver: '"I'm rich, therefore I'm telling the...