1. Enlightened1

    Spirituality & Wellbeing

    Please may there be a specific forum where we can share practices such as meditation, breathwork, journaling etc to support our mental health, trauma healing & wellbeing? Els
  2. Gaspard

    Spiritual vegetarian, rational vegan

    I was vegetarian at birth, because so were my parents. But I started to eat meat when my father decided to breed sheep (and killed them to feed us). Then during an existential crisis, I became vegetarian. I didn’t want to have my soul eaten. I had the impression that invisible beings were...
  3. Meyersaurus

    What is your zodiac?

    Hi there, just curious: Do you believe in zodiac signs and the traits that are attributed to them? What is yours and what do you think about that?:blush: Do you believe in anything (else)? Mine is pisces and I think it is fitting (I'm highly emotional, dreamy, scatterbrained etc...)
  4. Second Summer

    Spirituality Compatibility of spirituality and atheism?

    Can an atheist experience spirituality? Can we have spirituality without belief in a god or the supernatural? If you're an atheist, how / when do you experience or practice 'spirituality' (or similar phenomena)?
  5. Second Summer

    Religion Easter

    Let's face it, Easter is a pagan holiday. Even the name, Easter, is derived from the name of a Germanic goddess, Ēostre or Ostara. And then there's the whole business with the Easter bunny and Easter eggs, which again are entirely without basis in Christianity. So with that, let's keep Ēostre...
  6. Second Summer

    Spirituality Higher consciousness

    This is a good watch if you have a few minutes (less than five!): Some questions related to this: Will accessing higher states of consciousness too frequently result in problems dealing with society and people around us? If so, was this easier in earlier times, or has it always been like...
  7. Second Summer

    Spirituality Can a day be said to be evil?

    We've all heard the expression 'a bad day', but can a day also be said to be outright evil? As if the day itself is evil? I realize we obviously have to assume that evil as a force exists in the first place in order to even consider that possibility. And don't worry, I'm not having a...
  8. peacefulveglady

    Spirituality Blood moon Prophecy

    Hello I have got this sent to me , I know John Hagee is a false teacher or something , but there are connections too passover in isreal and this blood moon… Is this just scaring people and or is is prophecy? I don't support CBN but, I was sent this article...