1. spirit2change

    Hope for Vegans in Jesus

    Meow. Meow. It was the sound of a cat! I was still young, maybe in my preteen or early teenage years, and I really liked animals so I naturally got very excited. We lived in an old house and it sounded like the meowing was coming from one of the bathrooms. I went into the bathroom and this...
  2. A

    Are earrings generally vegan?

    Weird question, I'm aware, but meat's snuck into almost everything, the screens of your phones, your batteries, on and on and on. Are earrings usually animal-product-free? Are there any signifiers to help recognize that they contain any?? For some context, I'm mainly on this forum because, due...
  3. Second Summer

    Religion Easter

    Let's face it, Easter is a pagan holiday. Even the name, Easter, is derived from the name of a Germanic goddess, Ēostre or Ostara. And then there's the whole business with the Easter bunny and Easter eggs, which again are entirely without basis in Christianity. So with that, let's keep Ēostre...
  4. Second Summer

    Religion Vatican: Eucharist holy-bread must contain gluten

    More: Vatican bans use of gluten-free holy bread during Mass - (11. July 2017) I suppose if it's an issue, one could ask to trade the bread for a second glass of wine? ;)
  5. Second Summer

    Religion Vatican police raid drug-fueled gay orgy at apartment of aide to cardinal

    More: Vatican cops raid drug-fueled gay orgy at top priest's apartment (5. July 2017) Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is opposed to homosexual practice: More: Homosexuality | Catholic Answers
  6. W

    Veganism and other beliefs

    I'm interested to know just how pervasive veganism is becoming among our online community, and whether it is sitting comfortably with people of other faiths (I can't especially think why not) and - if so - which. NB. I'm not saying that veganism is a 'belief' I'm just wandering how it sits with...
  7. peacefulveglady

    Religion I have a Faith and government concern ....

    Hello I have a friend that sends out in lump sum of emails and she is a Christian Faith believer, Today she emailed everyone this what should i do about this? We weren't able to get out to church, so I worshipped in Atlanta this morning = ) Dr. Youssef concluded the How Shall We Live Now...
  8. Second Summer

    Philosophy Ahimsa - a religious or a philosophical tradition?

    More: Meat is Murder | Issue 113 | Philosophy Now
  9. Second Summer

    Religion Religious buildings (photos and discussion)

    While I don't hold any religious beliefs and am deeply sceptical about how religion is sometimes used to influence society, there are still aspects of religion that I admire. For example, religious architecture. So I thought I would share some of my private photos of religious buildings that...
  10. Blobbenstein

    Religion Why do sports people cross themselves?

    When they score a goal, or win some game or wotnot. Is it a Catholic thing? To me crossing oneself is asking Jesus for protection.
  11. Blobbenstein

    Religion Was one of Jesus's temptations to hate the Devil?

    The Emperor: Come, boy, see for yourself. From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the end of your insignificant rebellion. [Luke's eyes go to his lightsabre] The Emperor: You want this, don't you? The hate is swelling in you now. Take your Jedi weapon. Use it. I...