1. Second Summer

    US US Politics 2024

    New year, new thread. This is a continuation of the 2023 thread. So, what do you think the Supreme Court is going to decide in the disqualification case against Trump? Will they find some excuse not to disqualify him from holding office again, or will they do what some experts think is the only...
  2. L

    Food packaging-Warning graphic labels illustrating animal cruelty

    Hello, I had an idea with friends.....I don't think the idea is new, but it doesn't matter. we had the idea that there could be activism towards pictures on meat wrappers like cigarette packs. So instead of smoking legs and lungs of adverse animal husbandry, suffering animals etc on meat product...
  3. Ninaswedish

    Animal-eater is being mean on youtube

    Hello! This is my first visit on this website and I hope to find new friends here! <3 I have a problem. I spread compassion for animals in the comment section on a youtube clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxlhmuH ... MiOCB5U91B. An animal-eater started to attack me and now she won't stop...
  4. BethanyWard

    Teaching (calming) my fiancé

    My fiancé has recently become vegan and is really invested in animal rights...overly invested. I tried talking with him about the recent news over separating families on the Mexican/American border. He instantly brought up the fact that this is already happening to animals all around the world...
  5. Second Summer

    NO Norwegian government may step down

    More: Norway government may fall on minister's no-confidence vote (18. March 2018) While the justice minister (Sylvi Listhaug) is a particularly despicable politician of the same ilk as the right wing of the US Republican party, the opposite side of the coin is that should the current...
  6. W

    'I'm a vegan, therefore I know karate'

    Political satire at it's best. Apologies to fans of Trump, but I hope you will find this segment nonetheless funny. Oh and - yeah - there are plenty of karate-chopping vegans as well! Trump: 'I'm self-funding my campaign; I tell the truth.' John Oliver: '"I'm rich, therefore I'm telling the...
  7. Second Summer

    The End of Politics?

    I think Trump is one of the few politicians who not only really understands this, but has used the knowledge to develop media skills that can be used very successfully for political gain.
  8. Amy SF

    History Martin Luther King was a Republican and other myths

    Monday, January 18th is Martin Luther King Day in the US, a holiday set aside to honor the late civil rights leader, who was assassinated in 1968. The following article shows a glimpse of the man being honored. Debunking the biggest myths about MLK - CNN.com