1. T

    Product Vegan Skincare

    Hey dear vegans :) I spend over a year creating this vegan skincare guide.. Now, I would like to ask your feedback! What are your favorite vegan skincare brands? How about products? I aimed to cover each product category: vegan moisturizers, creams, oils etc.. for different skin types: oily...
  2. N


    I am a new vegan. I have been eating meat my whole life. However, I changed to a vegan lifestyle recently and noticed that I have been having mild headaches for the past few weeks. I have been vegan for a month in total. Is this normal? Any advice on how to avoid this if it is normal.
  3. Nadege

    Vegan t-shirts

    Hello everyone. I created a fun t-shirt if you are interested, I'll leave you the link.
  4. The Master Of Design

    Living in Bali?

    I recently moved to Bali! (Living here already 9 months lol...) I don't know how many of you have been here but this is a vegan paradise. It's summer all year round and you can swim, surf and go to the beach every day! Probably someone will ask me what I do so, I used to work as a freelancer...
  5. H

    Dissertation Research

    Hi all, I am currently a Sustainability and Environmental Management Masters student completing my dissertation titled 'How do dietary choices influence an individuals greenhouse gas footprint in the UK'. If you have a spare 5 minutes please may anyone complete the questionnaire I have linked...
  6. vegow

    New Vegan App

    Hi, I am CTO of a small company that introduced a new vegan app called vegow and a newbie to the forum. Problem behind the app is, can vegan picking be made easier? Solution behind the app is random pick may be the best way for Vegan. App has more bells and whistles and intelligence on top of...
  7. V

    Product I am thinking of getting one

    Hey Vegans! Wanted to get your thoughts! What do you think of this T-shirt?...I love it, I am thinking of getting one! Click here for link Supporting the cause. Love to hear your thoughts? and If you wear and like Vegan fashion? Love xxx
  8. V

    Misc 5 ways to get you started on vegan journey

    Have you been thinking about going vegan? To start a vegan lifestyle may seem daunting to some, but with modern amenities like online recipes and frozen-food catered to vegans, it couldn’t be easier to make the transition. In fact, 6% of Americans now consider themselves to be completely vegan...
  9. R

    Whats missing in a vegans life ?

    Im all for making our lives easier and would love any feedback into what services or products are missing that would make our vegan lifestyle easier?
  10. Green-Fee

    Survey Dissertation research

    Hi everyone! I am currently in my final year of university, writing up my dissertation. I am researching into the environment, the future of cities and how we will live in the future. I believe veganism will be a strong part of peoples lifestyles in the future, as awareness of agriculture and...
  11. J

    Survey Vegan research project survey

    Hello, my name is Jason Taylor and I'm currently a college student in the process of writing a research paper on the topic of a Vegan Lifestyle. Although my knowledge on the subject is limited, I picked this topic to do nothing but further my knowledge in the area of being Vegan. I have a few...
  12. SeamlessTeam

    Hello from Estonia, good earthlings!:D

    Hey my name is Imre, I'm 23 and I became vegan on the first day of the year of 2017 with my loving girl Yvonne! So this far we have been vegan for 9 months and 4 days and I expect to be vegan for another 21 900 days! Reasons are many and logic is strong in this decision! :D I want to share you...
  13. OneEarthstore

    Product Vegan t-shirts

    I write to inform you that we will open our new " OneEarthstore " on Etsy, where you can find some VEGAN t shirts. Since we opened our new business your loyal support will help us grow. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you at our new...
  14. youngbroccoli

    Level 5 vegan

    So, June will mark ten years of not eating meat. I was a vegetarian for eight years before transitioning to veganism - the only issue I have with veganism is finding decent looking vegan shoes. I have an impulse to wear nonvegan shoes... would this make me a completely terrible monster...
  15. R


    I decided that I want to go vegan. But the only thing I know about it is what it stands for. Unfortunately this scares me. The main reason is that I want to be a complete emphatetic person. I love animals, period. I've been eating and using animal product since I was a child, but now.. I started...
  16. UK Chap in Q8

    Hello from the Sandpit

    Hello to one and all I underwent a significant lifestyle change in 2014 with way too much overseas traveling and unhealthy dietary options whilst out and about. I took a good long hard look at myself, put on the running shoes and progressively amended my diet to be pretty much Veggie. Fast...
  17. Pat

    Product How Plants Changed My Life & How They'll change Yours!

    2 years ago I made the transition to vegan. It has had such a profound impact on me that I felt inclined to share my story in hopes of positively impacting the lives of others. My book is called Eat Green Make Green, and I hope it has a positive impact on your life! Here's the link...
  18. S

    Philosophical questions

    Sorry this is so long, I don't even know if I'm posting this in the right place or if anyone will read it, I'd just really like to hear other peoples' ideas and opinions. So I've been passionate about my veganism for a long time. But I’ve been getting very upset recently and extremely angry, to...
  19. Andy Brown

    Vegan Lifestyle on a Budget

    It's common knowledge – eating healthy, especially eating lots of vegetables, costs more than eating junk, right? Wrong! It can cost a lot more to eat fresh and healthy foods, especially living the vegetarian lifestyle, but that happens when you don't think about what you're eating beforehand...
  20. E

    Media kindness is power Hey guys, I started a blog earlier this year. I have been vegan fow a few years but i still get frustrated with the lack of information or products available. I have dedicated my blog to cruelty free clean living. I study nutrition and have a background in the beauty...