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Jan 10, 2017
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Hello to one and all

I underwent a significant lifestyle change in 2014 with way too much overseas traveling and unhealthy dietary options whilst out and about.

I took a good long hard look at myself, put on the running shoes and progressively amended my diet to be pretty much Veggie.

Fast forward to Autumn 2015 , 42 lbs lost, Ultra marathons completed, relocated to the Middle East and a new start so decision made to go WFPB.

Believe me, over here in the Arab States, the growth of the Western Diet accompanied by fast food and chain restaurants is unbelievable

The past 15 months have been a roller coaster ride what with training hard, maintaining weight loss and educating myself about the benefits of being WFPB. Followed by injuring my back, falling back into bad habits and piling on almost 30 lbs.

So post Christmas I found my resolve to start again, but this time find support in forums such as this and further education. Hey, I did it once I can do it again. Better prepared for the hard times and more informed

This is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle- the Gym is a pleasure and so is eating again, not one ouch of guilt as I eat myself well

I wish you all well

14 days in- 7 lbs lost

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Apr 19, 2015
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Hi and welcome

Its not particularly active here, but if you wait long enough someone will come along and answer your question.
I too have a back injury (2 years ago) and recently took a bad fall as a result. I had lost 18kg up until that point, but breaking 4 ribs, then rebreaking 2 of those again, left me rather inactive, in a lot of pain, and putting weight back on again.
I don't know how much, I've yet to weigh myself again, but I'm back on trying to reduce my calories and hopefully start to get back out on my trike. but I also have had a major change to my life and now find myself living in rural Australia and I'm still adapting to the heat. nothing by your standards in sure but you get around 1-2 he's from dawn where some mornings it is cool enough to work in the garden, get out on the trike and that is it. the problem for me, is that that time is spent with my partner and freaking with the animals and by then it is simply too hot for me again and we don't have aircon.

Anyhow welcome.
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