1. V

    Market Research

    Hi everyone, It’s lovely to meet you!🤗 Would you mind filling out this short market research survey on my website? It’s to help get a bit of insight before the launch of the business; which will be donating 50% of all profits to animal charities and sanctuaries🥰...
  2. theveganflair

    Product The Vegan Flair

    Hey everyone! I just launched my t-shirt store! Please check it out!
  3. BoomerandJen

    Vegan Organic Clothing and Accessories

    Hello fellow vegan and vegetarian friends, My names Jen and I Started a Vegan and Organic clothing shop online 2 year ago called Boomer and Jen. All of our products are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. We sell a great range of jumper, hoodies, T-shirts, joggers and accessories...
  4. P

    Product Show Them Vegan Threads!

    Hey guys! I have teamed up with an awesome company to help support Veganism! This company creates clothing that is 100% cruelty free, sweatshop free, and is female owned. All of their clothing uses pop culture ways to spread the word of Veganism. Go check them out and help spread the word of...
  5. Amy SF

    What are you wearing right now?

    I thought we had a thread for this, but I can’t find it. It might be on the “other” board. Anyway, I’m currently wearing gray skinny pants, a cotton purple V-neck shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, a purple acrylic cardigan over that, and a black fleece vest over that. Now that we’re into...
  6. Garry Z.

    Is it me or is vegan footwear expensive?

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum. I have been eating plant-based for about two years. I have not bought any leather shoes since then. I have been feeling pretty guilty about still wearing my leather boots and I am now transitioning into throwing them out and making sure all of the...
  7. A

    Vegan jacket from non-vegan company

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a project at uni where I am investigating the possibility for a non-vegan company like Canada Goose, to (successfully) create a jacket which is vegan. Would you buy it? Even though the remaining collection is non-vegan?
  8. Faisal

    Product Vegan activist clothing | no longer nameless

    Hi everyone! I'm creating vegan clothes with a message, made in the UK and held to the highest ethical, cruelty-free and vegan standards. I aim to make clothes that look good, feel good and DO good. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions :) No Longer Nameless Website No Longer Nameless...
  9. V

    New vegan clothing line

    Hey guys, my first post up here! Have used this many times to try find some Vegan- Theme clothes, and i found it frustratingly difficult. Yet, yesterday I stumbled across this new website ; veganverdictco , I thinkLooks pretty sweet, three tees ordered! Just thought to share it for y'all!
  10. BeautifulAnimal

    Product Cute vegan tee from beautiful animal

    Hey everyone, I would like to share my designs with you my facebook page is Beautiful Animal Designs and here is my latest tee on Amazon USA . (See photos) If you enjoy my designs please share them with your friends, feedback is always welcome. thank you Beautiful Animal
  11. B

    Product Activist

    Hi, I'm an artist and new vegan activist. I'm selling these shirts that I created using my personal artwork to spread the vegan message, and to raise money to support my activism. I'm planning on traveling around and having conversations with people on college campuses, as well as other places...
  12. OneEarthstore

    Product Vegan t-shirts

    I write to inform you that we will open our new " OneEarthstore " on Etsy, where you can find some VEGAN t shirts. Since we opened our new business your loyal support will help us grow. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you at our new...
  13. youngbroccoli

    Level 5 vegan

    So, June will mark ten years of not eating meat. I was a vegetarian for eight years before transitioning to veganism - the only issue I have with veganism is finding decent looking vegan shoes. I have an impulse to wear nonvegan shoes... would this make me a completely terrible monster...
  14. Dovahkitty99

    Inheriting a leather suitcase

    Hello Everyone! so I've been vegetarian for over a year and vegan for 3 months. I am taking a gap year to go travelling and my grandfather (aged 90) wants to pass on his LEATHER suitcase that he has had his whole life, it's been taken all around the world and is very attractive/vintage. Is it...
  15. theTheFriendlyFire

    Product Hello from london!

    Hello Everyone! Good to be here with such a friendly bunch :) Rather than bore you with how much I love nature and animals (which obviously makes sense right?) I would love to share something with you. I went vegan about 5 years ago and got so passionate about it that I wanted to share it with...
  16. plant_powered

    Product Limited Edition Vegan Apparel Collection

    Hi beautiful people! I noticed that there aren't a lot of fun designs for proud vegans to wear as tshirts, sweatshirts, etc. A lot of the stuff I'm seeing online is gimmicky - just not cute. So I started designing my own shirts - shirts that I would actually want to wear! I am so excited to...
  17. C

    Ethical slippers?

    I am looking for some house slippers to add to my Christmas list for my always cold feet. They must be vegan and preferably from a brand that has fair labor and eco-friendly initiatives (so not a $10 pair from Target). There are a lot of awesome websites with these standards that sell shoes but...