Would I ever be able to set up either of these charity ideas, or both?


Jul 2, 2017
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Hi ?,
I have two ideas ? for charities:
1. A Buddhist charity that helps a variety of issues, e.g animals, poverty, world hunger, homelessness, violence, refugees and the environment.
2. A place that is vegan ? cafe, a shelter and feeding area for the homeless, an animal sanctuary, a meditation ?‍♀ centre, an organic fruit and veg farm and garden, and a literature centre with books and CDs ? about Buddhism, meditation ?‍♀, animal rights, helping the homeless, the environment, etc.

Forest Nymph

Nov 18, 2017
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Northern California
You might be able to set up number one with a site like Go Fund Me or similar sources. However to enhance your credibility it would probably help to work with someone who perhaps has more experience with either Buddhism or charitable organizations.

Number two sounds way complicated and would likely be a group effort with other people that would evolve over time. Like one thing at a time, keep building. It could take decades but I suppose it's possible.
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