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    Please help the homeless and needy

    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition to try to persuade Devon County Council to do more to help the homeless. Please spare a thought for the poor homeless and needy people of this world this winter. Please donate to foodbanks (human food, dog food and treats and toiletries, please only...
  2. M

    Please help animals!

    We ask everyone who is able to buy the shirt because you donate $ 10 to an animal charity for each shirt sold. Those who are unable to please share the link with others. Buy T-shirt link: https: //
  3. R

    Would I ever be able to set up either of these charity ideas, or both?

    Hi ?, I have two ideas ? for charities: 1. A Buddhist charity that helps a variety of issues, e.g animals, poverty, world hunger, homelessness, violence, refugees and the environment. 2. A place that is vegan ? cafe, a shelter and feeding area for the homeless, an animal sanctuary, a meditation...
  4. R

    What are some good uk poverty charities to help those abroad that don’t do live animal donations?

    Hi , I care greatly about helping the poor, but I’m hesitant to donate to Oxfam because they do donations of live animals to the poor, which I disagree with. I haven’t been able to get onto the website for Vegfam. Do British Red Cross do anything like that? May you and all sentient beings be...
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    Hi , This isn’t animal-related, but please, please, please, please sign and share this petition. I’m desperate for signatures. This is to help save a sick little boy. This drug could save his life...
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    Chile human rights (children) petition

    Hi, Please sign and share this petition. This page may have info and/or images of human rights abuses (it may also have links to pages that have such info and/or images). There is a potentially-upsetting image of an unhappy person below. Please sign and share anyway, if you can. If you do share...
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    What are some names of vegan charities for the poor (uk)?

    Hi I am very nearly vegan. I also like to help the hungry, by donating to food banks (I try to donate vegan food) and playing the online game Freerice (as far as I am aware, they only donate rice). I would like to donate to a charity that helps the poor and/or homeless people, but I don’t want...
  8. gib

    Hello from hull - charity dilemma

    I hope your day has been awesome I have had a few sleepless nights recently due to my conscience regarding a request at work to give to charity. I think it's great people are getting off their arse and doing something for others and I'm really pleased my colleagues are putting that effort into...
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    Are there any vegan homeless charities in england?

    Hi I would consider donating money to a homeless charity. I already donate vegan food and drink items to food banks a lot. I also donate dog and cat food, even to human food banks, because hey, the people that benefit might have a dog or a cat that would need feeding as much as any other. I...
  10. Wake Up Now Foundation

    Charity Need help finding vegan charities!

    Hey Everyone! Just reaching out to this amazing community for help finding vegan charities that actually give 100% of the donation received to help the cause... Any and all info is appreciated! Thanks again! P.S. Our website has a bunch of amazing animal videos you've most likely never seen...
  11. L

    Charity Support the calf sanctuary...An inspirational story... Please check out the links :) (Hopefully this is allowed)