Krissy Clarkson

Jul 23, 2016
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At a young age animals are violently torn apart from their helpless families who watch in shock as their own is taken from them. They are sent across the world and put into tanks that with time will no longer hold their size. They are starved when people aren't watching being forced to preform for their food. The other animals that live in their tanks don't speak the same language as them. They become violent towards each other and their lives being tragic as they are they begin hurting the trainers. These are incredible animals that don't belong in tanks. They are forced to reproduce and when they do their babies at a young age are ripped from them as they previously were. They search for their babies crying and calling for them so confused and in a deep depression as any loving mother would be. These animals usually only live to be 30 years or younger in captivity however in the wild living the same life span as a human being. Do you want to teach your children, or grandchildren, etc that animal abuse is okay? That enslavement of any thing is okay? Many have spent years letting their children and their children's children go to these parks and they start to believe that taking them there is alright and that the animals are happy and safe? It has all been a lie covered up by these "amusement parks" so their reputation stays clean. Today we can make a difference as I ask all of you to take a stand and sign this petition today. They will no longer be able to have the parks and the animals can be in better
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Hi Krissy.

Welcome to the Forum.

I agree it is heartbreaking and no animal belongs in captivity, nor any human. Where can I access your petition? I'll happily sign it.
Do you know about Sea Shepherd?
Hello I am leaving this thread and deleting the other to avoid duplicate posting, which we are reasonably strict about. I will sign your petition though and welcome to the forum :)
I've signed it, couldn't agree with you more. Have you seen the film Black Fish? That's what opened my eyes to exactly what goes on with these poor creatures. I think the sooner they are shut down the better xx
Yes I have seen it. I started having a passion to save the animals at a young age but I did my research after the video and started to take action. Thank you for your support. :)