social activism

  1. eddiehamo

    Veganism Will never Go mainstream

    I don’t think that veganism can ever go mainstream, and it’s because of vegan culture. Here’s why. To clarify, my argument (see full here) doesn’t address the philosophical side of veganism (which I totally agree with) rather, and this might seem strange, but I want to address the politics of...
  2. R

    Is Facebook activism effective?

    Hello 👋, I have just been involved in an upsetting conversation on Facebook with a member of a group against the dog and cat meat trades about the consumption of other animals (cattle, pigs, etc). I have a lot of upset from and about my posts and conversations on Facebook. I’m thinking of...
  3. O

    Media Please like this vegan Facebook page! It's the page of my dad's girlfriend's sister and has a lot of good, original vegan content! Please like it so she can continue the page! :)
  4. K

    Who believes marine wildlife enslavement is WRONG?!

    At a young age animals are violently torn apart from their helpless families who watch in shock as their own is taken from them. They are sent across the world and put into tanks that with time will no longer hold their size. They are starved when people aren't watching being forced to preform...