Veganise this! Tell us which products you wish were vegan



Calling all vegans and interested parties :)

Use this thread to whine and wish... what would you like to see veganised?
You never know, maybe soon a brilliant entrepreneur will stumble across this thread and make your dreams come true.

I'll start.

French fancies anyone?
Great idea!

Nougat ... I didn't have it very often, but when I did it was delish. Big Hunks (US candy) ... so nice after a few seconds in the microwave.

Lemon tart/tarte au citron ... but I have since veganised this myself.
Lots of fruity sweets, like jelly babies, fruit pastilles and wine gums which seem to have animal based gum in them. And why is that vegan chocolate seems to have no sugar in it, it's supposed to be SWEET!!
Butter that actually tastes like real butter :)
Nothing. There's tonnes of stuff to eat. Infinite variety. I don't want/need stuff that looks/tastes like 'forbidden fruits'. When I became a vegan, I left my old life behind. I don't hanker after stuff that tastes like eggs but isn't. Tastes like chicken but isn't. It's all a bit hypocritical and self-defeating, if you ask me. Like being teetotal and drinking non-alcoholic lager: one craves the real thing but settles for second best. Want a beer? Have a beer. Want something that looks and tastes like meat? Eat meat. Being vegan is having the courage of one's convictions, methinks.
I would love an Eco-friendly industrial hand soap.
I would also love biodegradable plastics to be manufactured and used, now with the legalization of cannabis in many parts of America, it is now a possibility to manufacture on a large scale and convert over to a Bio-friendly world as far as plastic is concerned
Watch straps and foot wear with same natural sheen, flexibility and durability as genuine leather at price points similar to what you can get if it were a genuine leather product. I found a few alternatives but all of these vegan leathers seem so costly (compared to genuine leather alternatives, at-least here in India), I'm sticking to wearing synthetic suede sneakers (luckily my workplace is not too strict about dressing-up) and nylon watch straps. However, I sorely miss the look that genuine leather shoe and watch bands afford. I saw something reg., Mushroom leather and Pineapple leather by Pinatex. They both seem promising. Can't wait enough for those products to become mainstream.
It would seem that being a naturist vegan is the cheapest option.

It does seem odd that we are the only creature on the planet that needs clothes. Then again, as we all came from sunny Africa, well, perhaps we all should still be naked in said continent: English naturists have more than a stiff upper lip...