Vegan Products for Dogs and Cats


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May 18, 2015
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Browsing the web I came across with this article I want to share with you about vegan products for your dog, which include a link to similarly vegan products for cats. Read on:
5 Awesome vegan dog products
By Michele Borboa

From vegan dog treats and toys to vegan dog collars and beds, the growing array of vegan dog products make it easier than ever to help your furry friends live a vegan lifestyle. Here are five must-get vegan dog products.

The growing array of vegan dog products makes it easier than ever for your furry family members to follow a vegan lifestyle, too. These five vegan dog products are just the start to ensuring your entire household is on the vegan living track.

1. Aubrey Organics Organimals Shampoo for Dogs
Made of all natural ingredients and certified vegan, Organimals dog shampoo features coconut, corn, almond, and vanilla oils, organic non-GMO soy protein, and extracts of fennel, hops, balm-mint and camomile. This shampoo will leave your pawed pal smelling fresh and feeling ultra soft and silky.(; $9 for 8-ounce bottle)

2. Max and Ruffy's Vegan Dog Treats
When your furry friend deserves a reward, give her one of Max and Ruffy's vegan dog treats. These natural, organic, non-GMO dog biscuits come in a tasty array of flavors (give them a try -- they are made with human-grade ingredients), from Five-Star Blueberry to Mother Quinoa's Pumpkin Patch, your precious pet will be ever-ready to eat these up. (; $9.50 for 8-ounce box)

3. Kong Stuff-A-Ball
Durable, eco-friendly toys are a must for the vegan-raised dog. The Stuff-A-Ball is not only nearly-indestructible, it is made from natural, non-toxic rubber and can be stuffed with vegan treats so your pooch has an extra incentive to fetch. As a bonus, the dog toy has Denta-Ridges, which will help clean your dog's teeth and condition his gums. The Kong toy comes in four sizes from small to extra-large. (; $8 to $15 depending on size)

4. Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Collar
The ultimate, eco-friendly dog collar, this naturally dyed 100 percent hemp collar will stand up to water, mud, snow, and any other element your dog happens to romp in. The collar's fleece lining and nylon-reinforced plastic quick-release buckle ensures optimal all-day comfort for your best furry friend. Best yet, the hemp collar is machine-washable so you can keep it dog-odor-free and squeaky clean. (; $19 to $20 depending on size)

5. West Paw Eco Nap dog bed
Let your dog rest on non-toxic and Oko-Tex Standard 100 certified safe eco-bedding with West Paw's lightweight Eco Nap, which brings style, function and sustainability together in one seriously flexible mat that is home- and travel-friendly. Made with IntelliLoft fabric created from recycled plastic soda bottles and 61 percent recycled batting, the Eco Nap comes in an array of colors and sizes to suit your dog's style. (; $32 to $106 depending on size)


What do you think about all of these products? Do you think a dog may need these stuff o match someone's vegan lifestyle?
I think a dog needs REAL food (if possible, of course) and lots of love.. beyond that, it want's exercise and sunshine to roll around in. It doesn't know or care what vegansim is and it doesn't want a bunch of products when it has it's human to play with. A simple ball or stick will quite suffice lol.

As for cats, they're obligate carnivores. I've heard of people feeding their cats vegan diets and some swear by it and others are burying their pets. So as much as I hate it, I will continue to feed my cats other animals until I have a proven diet for them. I haven't looked into it really, but I'd rather not risk it.
If I had a dog I would definitely provide him/her with vegan products. I don't think a dog needs to be on a certain diet though. It's certainly up to their owner.
PLEASE DONT MAKE YOUR PET VEGAN!!!!!! Dogs and cats are not meant to be vegan, meat plays such an important role in your dog or cats health and diet! Please put the health of your animal first. Talk to your pets vet before switching it's diet!
Ami is a vegan food designed for cats. I use it with mine, along with supplementing with fish because - personally - I would find feeding her 100% vegan unethical and an all too dominant imposition of human will.

However Ami has been nutritionally/scientifically designed and has added taurine. Mainstream media has covered it quite a bit (positively) but I have a feeling it is only available in Europe. There is another brand I have tried, Benevo, which I believe is also a well-balanced dry food but my cat preferred Ami.

Pets will often eat organics (fruits and veggies) too. Dogs are better at this, but you need to know what you are doing. There are some books out there written by vets that list nutritionally balanced whole-foods diets for pets. I recommend searching the work of Juliette de Bairacli Levy, who was a vegetarian veterinarian and herbalist who fed her dogs a vegetarian whole-foods diet (possibly vegan, I gave my copy away long ago). I've heard of other books/vets on the grape vine, but I can't remember their names.
Dogs and cats are built to et meat - everything about their biology is built to digest a completely meat based diet. So to deprive them of that would be animal cruelty. I see the attraction of having vegan friendly toys, collars and so on. But they need to consume meat based products and not things that can harm them. I think people should research their pets diet, for example - not many people know that cats are lactose intolerant or the cocoa powder is lethal to cats and dogs, so is onion and a lot of other human safe foods.
We are different species and people need to be aware of that. The animal kingdom is perfectly balanced with it's instinct and through becoming vegan we consciously take responsibility of our intelligence in the animal kingdom and the health of the ecosystem by feeding our bodies what it was built for and feeding animals what they are built for.
Don't be cruel to animals - feed them what they're evolution has built them for - everything about cats and dogs are built to digest meat - there are so many nutritients their bodies simply CANNOT EXTRACT from vegetables!!! please don't be cruel to your pets- feed them meat!!!!
No one here seems to be aware of BRAMBLE ! astonishing. vegans unaware of the Guinness World Book of Records Book in 2002 longest lived dog then ! VEGAN ! 25 years old fed on home made veggies ! like most peasants hunting dogs have been for decades I add.

It is a "modern" phenomenon to buy dog and catfood.

For decades and still now...hunting dogs we kept and others still keep...get fed not MEAT but boiled veggies pastas etc ! people in the country with hunting dogs do not feed their huskies laikas etc meat ! that is expensive and wasted on hunting dogs.

Super obviously as hunting dogs need high energy

My MODERN fancy breed my cat...were fed bought flesh content foods...what a mistake that was.

It is DEATH and CRUELTY to dogs and cats is ridiculous and unnecessary . especially for vegans.

Cancers...antibiotics...low grade below human flesh etc. it is all unhealthy besides cruel.

My relatives LAUGHED at me...more money than sense they said.

Then my female dog got stomac said go vegan the acidity in stomac is the issue...and now both my dogs are fed vegan kibble and super healthy. no more stomac ulcers.

There are thousands of long lived healthy vegan dogs and cats out there. BRAMBLE is the most famous of course.

Hope this is informative as i am astonished that vegans do not know these things.